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5 Best Halal Cafes In Terengganu You Should Visit Next


Ninaa H. •  Feb 27, 2021


Aside from their beautiful nature resorts and mouthwatering local food, there are many unique cafes in Terengganu you won't want to miss! Perfect for your future road trip to the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, let’s check out five halal cafes in Terengganu you should visit next. 
1. Nusuk Cafe
The first thing you would notice about Nusuk Cafe is the cosy ambience. Fronted by a glass wall and decorated with dim lights, it's the perfect spot for a coffee session with your loved ones. Craving for coffee? Try Lungo Creamy, an Italian-style coffee with the perfect ratio of espresso and water and topped with whipped cream. When there's coffee, there must be cake too! Complete the pairing with a slice of mango cheesecake, also known as Paochis to complete your perfect day. Halal status: Muslim-ownedOpening hours: Open daily; 4PM-11PM Address: TCJ2, Taman Chonang Jaya, Jalan Lapangan Terbang, 21300 Kuala Terengganu, TerengganuFacebook | Instagram
2. Kopimesin
Kopimesin is another hidden gem in Terengganu! Just like its name, their coffee never disappoints. Whether you need white flat, cappuccino or latte, these freshly brewed coffees will definitely awake your senses. Yes, they have cakes too! After enjoying a slice of Mamasab Bakery cakes, don't stop there as there are more things to enjoy at Kopimesin. You won't regret trying out their Nachos Platter. Served with grilled chicken or lamb sauce, it's tough to find something similar elsewhere! Halal status: Muslim-ownedOpening hours: Open daily; 9AM-7.15PM, 8.15PM-11PM Address: TD1303, Jalan Sultan Zainal Abiddin, Kampung Ladang Tok Pelam, 20000 Kuala Terengganu Facebook | Instagram
You can expect tons of desserts at Pastelmonomy, the perfect place to indulge your sweet tooth. Brightly decorated with cool ambience, this cafe serves cakes, waffles, pastries and puffs - and you might want to stop counting the calories when you are here. Don't forget to try their Lotus biscoff cheesecake and other trending flavours. Not a fan of cakes? Don't fret and savour their newly introduced ice cream waffle - even the picture itself is enough to make you drool! Halal status: Muslim-ownedOpening hours: Open daily; 12pm - 6.30pm Address: Lot 2913, Lorong Cempaka 10, Kampung Tok Adis, 20400 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu Facebook | Instagram
4.Oishi Wowo Cafe
Have you tried sizzling brownies before? If you haven't, make your way to Oishi Wowo Cafe! Even the video of the sizzling brownie above is enough to make you feel excited! Besides that, this cafe also serves other desserts like choco puffs, fruity pavlova, pandan nisang cake, lotus biscoff cheesecake, and apple struddle. Halal status: Muslim-ownedOpening hours: Wednesday - Monday; 5pm - 11pm Address: Taman Tok Jiring Utama, Kampung Bukit Lapan, 21300 Kuala Terengganu Facebook | Instagram
5. Beans Work Superhero Cafe
Detailed with Marvel-themed murals and decorations, Beans Work Superhero is another halal cafe in Terengganu you should visit next. What makes this cafe unique is its Chinese-style front door that makes a perfect Instagram spot. Out of their many freshly brewed coffees, you should try coconut coffee that's served in a coconut cup! Remember to pair your brew with biscoff cheesecake, burnt cheesecake, choc peanut butter cheese, and more! Halal status: Uses halal ingredientsOpening hours: Tue-Sun; 11AM-11PM (Closed on Mon) Address: 156, Jalan Kampung Cina, Jalan Banggul, 20100 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu Facebook | Instagram From its laid-back ambience to delicious food, there are many reasons to love Terengganu. The next time you're planning a road trip, spare some time and visit all these halal cafes in Terengganu!