This Halal Cafe In SG Serves Local Cuisine That Takes You Back To Your Childhood


Qistina Bumidin •  Mar 22, 2022

Sometimes, the hectic city life might get to you, which means it's time to take a break! Why not check out a hidden halal cafe in the heart of Sengkang Riverside Park: O'My Kampong? ?

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O'My Kampong Serves Halal Local Food With Nostalgic Vibes

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O'My Kampong, by Old Chang Kee, actually has been in the halal cafe industry since December 2018. The eatery has also been halal-certified since March 2019. O'My Kampong truly captures the serenity of a kampong in the 60s, where you can indulge in delicious halal local delicacies such as nasi lemak, chicken rice ball, cold local desserts such bubur cha cha, and more! ?

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They even have a special corner titled Kek Ai, which sells all your old-school biscuits and cookies that will take you back to your growing up days (the sugar gem biscuits though ?). Let's check out what they have to offer!

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Their most popular dish is the Signature OMK Chicken Drum With Rice Balls. Perfectly shaped rice balls are served alongside roasted kampong chicken (which really looks so crispy by the way ?), with Hainanese chilli sauce that has hints of garlic, mushroom sauce, and a homemade sauce of sweet caramelised onions. Along with a side of broccoli, carrot and baby corn, it almost feels like we're in Melaka indulging in this appetizing meal ?

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Is it really a kampong meal if you have yet to order their 8 TreasuresNasi Lemak? Expect the Singaporean-style nasi lemak: an overload of fried goodies ? Rich, fragrant coconut rice is paired with a fried egg laid perfectly on top and a variety of accompanying sides you can choose: crispy roasted chicken drumstick, fishcakes, otah fishcakes, sausages, sambal fried fish, satay sticks, curry chicken; the list is endless ? Of course, it isn't Nasi Lemak if there isn't any sambal. Generous amounts of sambal is served on every plate, for an added spicy and savoury kick to your meal!

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If you're heading down for a nice walk around the park, you'll definitely need a nice, filling breakfast, and O'My Kampong has a variety of breakfast meals for you to try! Not sure which ones to try? A favourite among customers would be the Otah Cheese with Bun and Chicken Luncheon Meat & Cheese with Bun ? It's simply nostalgic in each bite, and you'll only wish the portions are bigger!

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They have even more items on the menu you should check out such as mee siam in a tiffin box, Western classics like chicken chop, satay, flower bread with chicken curry and more! ? Take a trip down memory lane and indulge in all your childhood favourites at O'My Kampong soon ?

O'My Kampong

Halal status: Halal-certified

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