Muslim-Owned Bagel Cafe Opens Along Robinson Road SG

[NEW] Muslim-Owned Bagel Cafe Opens Along Robinson Road SG


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Apr 27, 2022

From delicious donuts to tasty pastries and refreshing ice cream, the HHWT community has always been in love with food ?? And today, we've found a new spot that will have you rushing to Robinson Road for a taste! Read on to find out how you can indulge in sweet, nutty bagels, tasty milkshakes and unique, sparkling teas ? P.S. Experience A Halal All-American Diner In SG With Hotdogs, Milkshakes And More At Pop's Cafe!

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Halal Bagels In Singapore With Beigelhaus

Credit: beigelhaus.sg on Instagram

With sleek black interiors and a cozy setting, Beigelhaus is Singapore's latest addition to the halal food scene. They serve over 5 different types of bagels and refreshing drinks, making it the perfect spot for an energy (and tummy ?) refuel while you're hanging out in Singapore's city centre! P.S. These 25 Best Halal Bakeries In Singapore Will Have You In Pastry Heaven

Credit: beigelhaus.sg on Instagram Dropping by for a bagel? Here's what you can expect: a smorgasbord of meat and seafood filled bagels, (inclusive of vegetarian options ?) and 5 different schmears - so you can customise your bagel to your taste! Get started by picking a sesame or plain bagel, then decide on your combination of fillings. We highly recommend The BURRatta (V) for a mouth full of Italian flavoured induced heaven on your tastebuds. Made with Confit Tomatoes, burrata and Italian basil, this juicy & cheesy delight is an almost irresistible bagel delight. Not to be messed with are also Beigelhaus' seafood options: The Rakora or The Pink Loxy! The Pink Loxy comes with cured salmon, cream cheese, red onions, confit tomatoes and capers. You'll be thanking them for the rich, citrusy combination of flavours blessing your palate. ?

Credit: _fernmadrigal on Instagram

The best part? That's not the end of it! Beigelhaus is home to savoury schmears to accompany your already scrumptious bagel meal. At just $5 a schmear, you can choose from 6 different flavours such as the Roasted Honey Garlic Butter, Rhubard Jam + Cream Cheese, and Kombu Butter! Locals may also be delighted to hear that Beigelhaus has a Kaya + Cream Cheese Schmear - a level up from our butter kaya toasts that we love so dearly ? Don't forget to pair your bagel with one of their coffees, milkshakes or sparkling teas! Milk tea lovers have to give the Chai-Chai Milkshake a try. A twist on the Milk Tea bubble tea trend, Beigelhaus uses Chai to literally spice up your milk tea ? Other must-trys include the Two P's drink (an endearing concoction of Butterfly Pea and Peach) as well as the Zesty Lime Sparkling Tea (made with Red Dates and Lime)! Tasteful settings and decor for flavour-filled bagels, it's no wonder Beigelhaus has already made a name for itself! With over 1500 followers on Instagram, the Beigelhaus is already on its way to fame - so be sure to rush down before the long queues find their way there first ? BeigelhausHalal Status: Muslim-Owned Instagram