NEW: Bring Your Kids To This Halal Chinese Hotpot And Get 20% Off This June Holidays


Qistina Bumidin •  Jun 17, 2022

June holidays are here, and we bet you and your kids are having a ton of fun enjoying your very well-deserved vacation! ? Why not pump up this spirit of togetherness and celebration by having a luxurious, mouthwatering meal at HaHa Hotpot, Singapore’s first halal authentic Sichuan/Chinese hotpot! And yes, you read the headline right: you’ll get 20% off when you bring your kids to their outlet at Jurong for a limited time only ? Here’s what you can expect from your hotpot session here!

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If you and your kids are up for an adventure, you have to try their Mala soups! The broth incorporates spicy Sichuan peppercorns and chilli oil, which will get the entire family fired up and energised for more fun activities afterwards (psst, did you know that HaHa Hotpot is nearby kid-friendly activities such as an onsen and karting arena?) Be warned though, you’ll need a jug, no GALLON of water right beside your table ? Their Mala soups are made by a special head chef from China, so you’ll be getting an authentic Chinese hotpot and the best part of it all, it’s halal! ? If it’s a little too much *adventure* for your little ones, fret not, HaHaHotpot has other less-spicier soup bases for you to choose from - Haha Collagen Soup, Haha Collagen Soup (beef base), Signature Mushroom Soup, Tomato Soup and Seafood Soup.

Credit: HaHaHotpot

If your kid loves burgers, steaks and other meat-heavy options, they will definitely appreciate HaHaHotpot’s Signature Beef Slices ? Apart from the addictive flavour, the meat is sliced into thin pieces, so your child can gobble them up without chewing them for too long! Dip your meat slices into the simmering pot to cook for a few seconds to a couple of minutes, and it simply melts in the mouth! It’s everything everyone, regardless of age, loves in their meats: soft, tender, juicy; you can’t get enough of it! ? 

If your kids are new to the hotpot game, it’s time to show them one of the most important strategies to win at this game: dressing up the meats with delicious sauces for a mouthwatering umami taste! HaHaHotpot’s Signature Sauce will be a perfect accompaniment to all of your meats, but it’s known to go perfectly well with their Signature Beef Slices! ? Over a base of sesame and peanut sauce, minced garlic, a few coriander leaves and chilli padi which will truly amp up your taste buds to a whole new level! Can your kids handle the heat though? ?

Credit: HaHaHotpot

Okay, we know you’re here for the promotion: All you have to do is bring your kids (4 years and above), either quote ‘HHWTFamily’ when you dine in OR show THIS article to enjoy the 20% discount! It’s just that simple. Do remember that the promo is only valid from 12pm-9pm daily, and it’s happening from now till 30th June 2022, 2359h. Excited? Time to book a reservation now with just a click of this link!

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If you prefer having a hotpot session in the comfort (and ease, especially if you have kids who are just bursting with energy all the time) of your home,  HaHaHotpot can get it delivered to you as well! Simply check out their website here to order all your ingredients, broths and dipping sauces, and leave it to HaHaHotpot to put it together for you HASSLE-FREE! You don’t even have to prepare any utensils; it comes together with your order! You can also leave them unwashed for them to collect! ? Here’s a little discount you’ll love: HaHaHotpot is offering a limited-time discount of 15% OFF for all deliveries happening only this June! 

Hotpots are some of the best ways to bring your family closer together, and at HaHaHotpot you’ll be getting the ultimate hotpot experience like no other: halal, authentic and scrumptious! ? Bring your family down to their Jurong outlet and enjoy this one-time offer NOW!

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Address: Block B 511 Upper Jurong Road #01-09/10

Opening hours: 12pm-2pm, 5pm-10pm daily (Last order is at 9pm)

Delivery: Order via their website

Book a reservation via this link

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