This Halal And Authentic Chinese Hotpot Place Is Perfect For Iftar


Qistina Bumidin •  Apr 11, 2022

With more of us going out for iftar gatherings, it’s time to dig in with some scrumptious dishes perfect for sharing: yes, you guessed it; it’s hotpot time! Hotpots are social meals of vegetables and meats cooked in a delicious, simmering broth shared with our loved ones; which makes them perfect for iftar ? 

Looking for a place to have your hotpot session? Well, luckily, we have HaHaHotpot, the first halal authentic Chinese hotpot in Singapore (think Hai Di Lao but halal ?)! Whether you’re still a hotpot newbie, or you’re reaching a veteran level, this guide could still come in handy for you when you’re dining at HaHaHotpot! ?

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Halal Chinese Hotpot Delivery And Dine-In Options For Iftar This Ramadan 2022 

1. Pick a spicy broth

The Sichuan-style hotpots are one of the most popular ones in China, and their trademark broth is mala. Ma in mala stands for numbing while la stands for spiciness so you can expect a rich, muddy red and eye-wateringly spicy experience when you choose HaHaHotpot’s Mala Soup Base! Their Mala soups are made by a special head chef from China, so you’ll be getting an authentic Chinese hotpot and the best part of it all, it’s halal! ? The broth incorporates tongue-numbing Sichuan peppercorns and chilli oil, which we bet will definitely get you fired up and energised after a day of fasting. Be warned though, you’ll need a jug, no GALLON of water right beside your table ?

Here’s a tip: if you’re choosing a spicy broth, occasionally stir broth to make sure nothing ends up getting overcooked. Spicy broths tend to be cloudy, and we wouldn’t want a hotpot session gone wrong! ?

P.S. If you’re not up for a spicy meal, HaHaHotpot has other soup bases for you to choose from - Haha Collagen Soup, Haha Collagen Soup (beef base), Signature Mushroom Soup, Tomato Soup and Seafood Soup.

2. Choose a choice of meat

When you’re having hotpots, there’s no question that beef HAS to be involved in it. In Chinese hotpots, beef slices are a definite must, so you’ll need a plate of HaHaHotpot’s Signature Beef Slices ? Their meats are sliced thinly, but the ratio of fats to meat is higher compared to their beef briskets, so you can definitely expect the delicious beefy flavour! Dip your meat slices into the simmering pot to cook (just for a few seconds to a couple of minutes only! ?), and it simply melts in the mouth! It’s everything you love in your meats: soft, tender, juicy; you can’t get enough of it! ?

Of course meats aren’t the only dishes you should have in a hotpot; it’s called a hotpot for good reason! HaHaHotpot has special Ramadan sets for both couples and families! You’ll be treated to a variety of meats and vegetables; allow us to name drop some and tempt you - beef brisket, chicken breast slices, sausages, enoki mushrooms; the list is endless! We bet you’re tempted now, so book a reservation via this link now! ?

Not up to joining the large crowds outside? HaHaHotpot can get it delivered to you as well! Simply check out their website here to order all your ingredients, broths and dipping sauces, and leave it to HaHaHotpot to put together all the necessary preparations FUSS-FREE, from the pots and utensils used for your hotpot session at the comfort of your home! You can simply leave the unwashed utensils right at your door for them to collect for you ?

P.S. Try not to dump all your ingredients at once! It lowers the temperature of your broth and it takes much longer to dig into your meats and vegetables. Each of the ingredients at your table are meant to be eaten piece by piece, so take the time and pace yourself! 

3. Accompany your hotpot with a dipping sauce

Once your meats are cooked, it’s time to dress them with delicious sauces for the complete umami taste. One of the most common dipping sauces involves sesame paste. Not only will it add flavour to your meat, but it helps to temper the spiciness and burn of Sichuan Peppers. HaHaHotpot’s Signature Sauce will be a perfect accompaniment to all of your meats (it really pairs well with their Signature Beef Slices)! ? Over a base of sesame and peanut sauce, minced garlic, a few coriander leaves and chilli padi which will truly amp up your taste buds to a whole new level! ? Excited? Time to book a reservation now with just a click of this link!

Credit: @hahahotpotsg for Instagram

So there you have it, a handy, fuss-free guide to digging into authentic halal Chinese hotpots for Ramadan this year! Remember, hotpot isn’t simply just a meal for you to break fast over, it’s an occasion. It’s been too long since we had large iftar gatherings, so bring your loved ones, order a few cooling drinks and have a few tissues on hand when you’re heading to HaHaHotpot, because if there’s one quintessential hot pot experience, it’s teary eyes and runny noses. Those Sichuan peppercorns really are something else! ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Address: Block B 511 Upper Jurong Road #01-09/10

Opening hours: 12pm-2pm, 5pm-10pm daily (Last order is at 9pm)

Delivery: Order via their website

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