South Korean Convenience Chain Store GS25 To Open In Malaysia


Farah Fazanna •  Jul 20, 2022

Featured photo scredit: @feel8174, @bylambda

You don’t have to go to South Korea to enjoy their local snacks anymore as the popular GS25 will open its doors in Malaysia next year! The South Korean convenience store chain will be teaming up with KK Group to venture into the Malaysian market. So, if you’re a die-hard lover of all things Korean, GS25 is a dream come true for you!

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The Korean convenience store chain has partnered with Malaysian retail giant KK Group to open the first GS25 store in Malaysia next year. The two agreed to expand to 500 locations in five years.

Malaysia would be the third country GS25 has opened their doors to after Vietnam and Mongolia. The store in Vietnam offers fresh produce, so we’re hoping that might be the same for Malaysia! Apart from that, the store will bring popular Korean food, snacks and drinks to Malaysians. 

The Korean firm plans to launch local food products and pass on know-how in making and distributing fresh food including ready-made meals. It will also provide meal kits that come with fresh ingredients paired with recipes that are popular in Korea. 

“We will offer food delivery service and other parcel deliveries with the cheapest rates like we do in Korea,” the company said.

But, hold your horses! Currently, there is no news about when or even where the store will be opening. So, stay tuned for updates and in the meantime, start listing down your shopping list! Meanwhile, get your South Korea fix here:

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