12 Affordable Muslim-Friendly Destinations For You And Your Newly Graduated Friends


Qistina Bumidin •  May 30, 2022

Class of 2022, congratulations, you're a graduate! ? It definitely hasn't been easy managing your studies while you're in a pandemic, so kudos to you! It's time to celebrate your success by going on a graduation trip, now that travel is back! We listed down 12 Muslim-friendly destinations that won't break your bank for you and your friends to head out soon ?

P.S. Flight prices are searched using Google Flights between the period of 4th July to 10th July 2022.

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Budget And Muslim-Friendly Destinations For New Graduates

1 Bintan, Indonesia

It might be a short getaway but it’s packed with adventure and fun that will give you that much-needed refreshing vacay glow! Moreover, beyond its popular beaches, there are also amazing sights and hidden gems you absolutely cannot miss! Bintan checks the list of being Muslim-friendly and affordable, with ferry tickets costing an average of SGD92! Here's a special promotion: Klook is offering all-in-one packages starting from merely $300 per person. Ferry tickets, halal food, tickets to popular attractions such as Treasure Bay are all included; which saves you a lot more cost! ?

2. Penang, Malaysia

There’s so many things to do in Penang, such as snapping IG-worthy photos of quirky street murals, beautiful buildings, and of course, their street food which is both scrumptious and wallet-friendly ?If you and your friends are looking for a foodie's trip, Penang is the place to go! With flight tickets starting as low as SGD106, your bellies will be kept full and happy! We have a number of guides, such as our 3D2N itinerary to help you navigate this foodie paradise. There's even more than meets the eye to Penang; the city packs a whole lot of nature, culture and more, which you can't get enough of! ?

3. Phuket, Thailand

After having your noses up in revision notes and computer screens for months, a little fun in the sun screams the perfect vacation, and what better way to do so than Phuket? Gorgeous beaches, delicious halal Thai food, the list is endless! With flight tickets starting from SGD169, it's an affordable price for all the adventures you're going to be getting into! Need a guide? Check out our 4D3N itinerary here! ?

4. Hanoi, Vietnam

If you are looking for an all-in-one holiday, how about taking a trip to a country with beautiful nature sites, cultural heritage spots and delicious, authentic cuisine? Home to an easily mispronounced dish, pho, Hanoi is a destination every Muslim traveller should visit at least once in their lifetime! But wait, Hanoi is Muslim-friendly? You'll be surprised to know that there are actually a number of halal eateries there! What's even better is that apart from flight prices starting at SGD232, a day in Hanoi can cost merely under $100! We have curated a special Muslim-friendly itinerary to Hanoi which you should check out! ?

5. Bangkok, Thailand

This city, by far, is one of the most popular locations for a trip, especially among students, because it's really affordable! A trip to the Thai capital won't cost thousands; it can be even be under SGD800 if you budget well! Flight prices starts from SGD271, and you definitely have some cash to spare for your shopping and Thai food indulging! ? We have a number of Muslim-friendly guides to Bangkok which won't tear your wallet, which you should check out:

6. Bali, Indonesia

With its beautiful beaches, intriguing historical, cultural locations and dozens of attractions, Bali is also a perfect place for a friends' vacation!☺️ The best thing is that it also has plenty of options when it comes to accommodations and itineraries, and it suits both the lowest to most luxurious budgets! Flight tickets to Bali costs about SGD352, and you don't have to worry about the daily expenses; if you budget well, you can spend less than SGD100! ?

7. Perth, Australia

Credit: Unsplash

Beyond the endless sunshine and pristine beaches, a wonderful adventure in one of the liveliest cities in the world awaits you with the numerous interesting attractions that can’t be found anywhere else in Australia. Flight prices to Perth starts from SGD408, but you can still budget well when you're there! Choose affordable accommodation like hostels or apartments with a full-fledged kitchen to cut costs on meals, take public transport; these are just some of the tips to have a budget trip that's still fun! ?

8. Melbourne, Australia

Credit: Unsplash

There’s so much to love about Melbourne. Brimming with bustling cities, stunning landscapes and friendly locals, it’s no wonder why Melbourne is one of our favourite Muslim-friendly destinations in the world. Flight prices starts from SGD578, but you can still make your trip budget-friendly! For instance, most cultural establishments such as museums and galleries are free of charge, and there are dozens of cheap activities in Melbourne that are under SGD30. Remember to do your research by checking our guides! ?

9. Seoul, South Korea

Whether it’s your first time to Seoul or your third, there’s something about this city that keeps pulling travellers back. Maybe it’s the delicious Korean cuisine, beautiful nature spots or exciting shopping spots, or the blend of everything but we sure are hooked! Flights to Seoul starts from SGD783, and you might think it's a little expensive, but we got you covered with some exclusive insider tips on how to explore Seoul on a budget! ?

10. Busan, South Korea

From beautiful beaches to fresh seafood and fascinating history, Busan has so much to offer. If you prefer something a little more relaxing but you still can't leave the city life too far behind, Busan is for you! Flights to Busan starts from SGD892, but you don't have to spend too long in this city, which can help you cut costs! Check out our 4D3N Busan itinerary to help you plan! ?

11. Paris, France

While Paris may be associated with the more luxurious side of Europe (flight prices starts from SGD1413), the truth is that Paris is indeed doable for those more conscious of their budget! One major tip for a cheaper trip to Europe is to fly during summer! We have more tips for you, which you can check it out right here! ?

12. London, United Kingdom

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Dreaming of seeing Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, and those iconic red double-decker buses in person but worried it's going to break a hole in your bank? Don't worry, we've felt that worry before too. Western European cities can be expensive to visit, and London is no exception! With flight prices starting from SGD1424. it does take some planning to squeeze a full trip in within a tight budget. However, many of this iconic capital's attractions are free, and we've made it possible for you to spend merely under SGD60 a day! Need proof? Check out this article! ?

P.S. For London and Paris, you should consider backpacking to make your trip affordable!

So what are you waiting for? Time to enjoy your freedom before adulthood starts kicking in! ?