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9 Awesome Shows & Movies To Binge-Watch On Father's Day


Ili  •  Jun 15, 2021


There are plenty of ways to celebrate Father's Day at home - from planning him a surprise with cool gifts to making a special meal and baking a yummy dessert. If your dad happens to be a cinephile, why not spend the day watching iconic on-screen fathers that'll make you cry, laugh and feel every emotion in between. Grab your popcorn (and some tissues) and get ready for a fun day in front of the TV with your dad ❤️
To binge-watch
Stranger Things In anticipation of season 4 of Stranger Things, it's time to revisit this nostalgic sci-fi series and appreciate Jim Hopper - the chief police of the small town of Hawkins, who rescues Eleven and later becomes her adoptive father. Arrested Development Every family is dysfunctional in their own way and the relationship between Michael Bluth in Arrested Development with his own family perfectly reflects that - all while he combats moral and legal obstacles of course. Taken Prefer an action-packed thriller instead? The Taken franchise starring Liam Neeson is the perfect trilogy! Car chases, hand-to-hand combat, heart racing music - they've got it all.
To cry over
Finding Nemo If you've never seen Finding Nemo (2003) before, Father's Day isthe day to check that off the list. Take a dive into the ocean as you journey along with Marlin and Dory on their mission to find Nemo. It's a real tear-jerker, so get your tissues ready for this one.Up Keep the emotional train going by putting on Up (2009) - arguably one of Pixar's most moving film ever made. Watch the relationship between Carl Fredricksen and Russell bloom throughout the movie and feel the tears come on. The Pursuit of Happyness Featuring Will Smith and his real-life son, Jaden Smith, this film is based on a true story of a struggling single dad who dreams of a better life for his child. Tears are guaranteed for this one, so don't put the tissue box away just yet.
To laugh out loud to
The Game Plan Throw it back to 2007 with The Game Plan, starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson who finds out that he has an 8-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. Chaos naturally ensues as he navigates his newly-found family, career and love life. Daddy's Home Between Will Ferrell's well-mannered, clean-cut attitude and Mark Wahlberg's charming, muscular personality, get ready for belly laughs as Daddy's Home (2015) brings you a combination ofslapstick comedy and well-timed humor.Mrs. Doubtfire When it comes to comedy films starring Robin Williams, you're guaranteed to have a good laugh throughout the movie - and Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) is no exception. Watch the late actor go from divorced actor in the beginning of the film to disguising as a female housekeeper in order to keep in contact with his children. For more shows to watch, check these out: