These Authentic Halal Persian Cream Puffs In KL Are The Perfect Weekend Teatime Treat


Ili •  Jul 26, 2020

As huge dessert lovers, we’re always on the lookout for unique bakes to add to our long list of yummy treats. BetweenFrench pastries, Russian cakes and English scones, you would think that it's more than enough to be content with but we will always have room for one more ? Today, get ready to take your taste buds to the Middle East and see what kind of flavours await you ahead!

Run by Samira Albana, say hello to Fari & Ali - a home-based business in KL that serves up authentic halal Persian cream puffs. Named lovingly after her grandparents, the idea behind these delectable treats is a tribute to her memories of visiting them in Iran. And it was these very boxes of cream puffs, bought from Tehran’s bakeries, that she would enjoy while listening to her grandparents’ stories.

So thanks to Samira, you can experience a taste of Persian flavours yourself by ordering her freshly made cream puffs! They come in a box of 15 (RM30), along with a small container of icing sugar to be sprinkled over just before serving. They're made with mainly organic ingredients without preservatives or additives - and in our book, that's a major plus ? 

Along with the cream puffs, you’ll also get instructions on refrigerating them. But with how delicious they are, it's not the leftovers that you'll have a problem with, it's the fact that you won't have any to store away! Unless, of course, you plan ahead and get yourself one extra box ?

You can enjoy the cream puffs as they are or pair them with your favourite cup of coffee or tea. Either way, it makes for the perfect teatime treat to have while you kick back and relax for the weekend.

Orders open on Monday with delivery or self pick-up available only on the weekends and in limited areas. It's a first come first serve basis due to limited slots - so make sure to shoot them a message as soon as possible and cop yourself a box (or two!) of their wonderfully baked Persian cream puffs ?

Halal status: Uses halal-certified ingredients

Order via: Instagram DM

Contact: +6012-694 9100

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