10 Easy Travel Poses You Should Try On Your Next Trip


Ili •  Oct 10, 2019

You find a good location, set up the camera and get ready to take a picture. But how do you pose? Other than the typical smile, many of us scratch our heads when it comes to capturing interesting travel photos ?

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There is no better time than now to start experimenting with different poses. While we're no Tyra Banks (though who wouldn't want to be), we've come up with a list of ideas for you to try the next time you're on the road!

1. Rock a pair of sunglasses

A good pair of sunglasses is more than just a practical accessory. It also happens to be a one-way ticket to make yourself look cooler! Whichever design you choose to rock - aviator, cat-eye or butterfly - these eyewear can boost your confidence and step up your game. Whether you’re on your way to the airport, lounging by the beach or just strolling in the city, make sure to have a pair of sunglasses, so you can whip it out and strike that pose ?

2. Create movement

Instead of standing still, why not put some action into it? If you’re worried about looking too awkward or being clumsy, take it slow with baby steps - figuratively and literally ? While it may take some time for it to look natural, a bit of practice will help you master the walking pose. Once you’re comfortable, graduate to a light jog and maybe even a jump. Soon enough, you’ll be doing all three to capture the most exciting photos for your travel!

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3. Feature your food

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Hold right there! Before you devour that plate of pasta or scoop of ice cream, spend a few extra seconds to snap a photo with it. A picture with your food not only shows a glimpse of your travel but gives you a good reason to pose as well! Hold that appetizing dessert up against the sky or take a bite out of it as you photograph the moment. This is a great way to add some flavour to your photos while filling your stomach ? 

4. Use props

If you search through your pockets or bags, you’re likely to find an item or two you can pose with. From theme park tickets to your favourite book, props can come in handy when it’s time to take those photos. Use them to highlight your trip like a hat for a beach vacation in Maldives ?

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But wait, what if you don’t have anything that’s worthy of a pose? Easy. Look at your surroundings and see if there is an object you can use! Not only will your photos tell a story, but this encourages you to explore further and who knows, you might stumble across some hidden gems in the area.

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5. Recreate an iconic moment

Think outside the box by re-enacting a scene from a film or music video! It could be lifting your hands like Rocky did on the steps of Philadelphia Museum Art or simply walking across the street like the The Beatles’ album cover, ‘Abbey Road’. This adds a special touch to your photos as it becomes personal and a fun game for people to guess where the inspiration came from ?

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6. Play with the surroundings

Keep an eye out for spots or natural landscapes that you can have fun with. Don't be afraid to experiment! Let your creativity flow and take some time to test out different ideas. A good go-to pose is to create an illusion of touching a monument like the Leaning Tower of Pisa or the Louvre Museum. Sure, you may look silly in real-life but this pose will make for a unique photo that's worth sharing on Instagram ?

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7. Laugh out loud

It’s time to retire that smile and take a leap by laughing in your photos. If you choose to do this, then you may be wondering: what in the world am I supposed to laugh at? ? Trust us when we say to start off by faking one. You’ll find the action ridiculous in the beginning and switch into a real laughter pretty quickly! If you’re lucky, your photographer will help you out and crack a few jokes to get that laugh going.

8. Raise those hands

“I don’t know what to do with my hands!” Sounds familiar? Because it does to us ? A lot of times, our hands hang loosely by the side and end up looking a little weird in pictures. So, a good tip is to raise those limbs and keep them busy. Play with your hair (or your hijab), hold up a peace sign, make a heart or throw them into a ‘V’ shape. With so many options, you can say goodbye to oddly-placed hands forever ?

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9. Take a seat

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Capturing the perfect travel photo can be quite exhausting ? If you're feeling tired but still haven't nailed the picture you want, try sitting! Benches, stairs and even the ground can become your saving grace for finding the right pose.

10. Gaze off into the sunset 

While there’s nothing wrong with gazing off into an actual sunset, what we mean here is to look off camera ? This is a good pose for those who are camera shy but still want to be in travel photos. Go ahead and try every possible direction - up, down, left, right and everything in between! Doing this takes off the pressure from looking into the camera and helps to create a more natural pose. 

Trying various poses isn't scary. All you need is courage and some practice! So, now that you have all these ideas at the tip of your fingers, go off on an adventure and start snapping some cool travel photos.