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8 Easy Halal Chocolate Dessert Recipes You Can Make At Home For A Special Treat


Ili •  Feb 14, 2021


[Updated 7 May 2021] Thinking of treating your loved one with something special and delicious? Chocolate desserts are the way to go - and not just any chocolate desserts, but ones you made yourself! Use this list of easy recipes as you hop into the kitchen and whip up a a sweet treat today ?
1. Souffle
Creamy, rich and fluffy, souffles are perfectly indulgent and delicious as an after meal treat. While they're notorious for being hard to bake, it's not all that scary once you actually get to making them. Sure, certain steps may be a little trickier than the rest but it’s still totally doable on your own! Requiring only a short list of ingredients, get ready to throw your apron on and create a decadent dessert using this halal chocolate souffle recipe.
2. ROYCE' Nama Chocolate 
If you and your partner both miss travelling to Japan, then whipping up Royce' Nama Chocolate couldn't be any more perfect. Of course, you can easily purchase this outside of Japan since it has outlets in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, according to the Royce’ website FAQ section, but their chocolates aren’t officially halal-certified as some of their products contain liquor (this includes several of the Nama Chocolate flavours). If you’ve been itching to have a taste of this Japanese snack without worrying about its halal status, this halal Royce’ Nama Chocolate recipe is just the thing you need.
3. ROYCE' Potato Chip Chocolate
Royce' Potato Chip Chocolate may not be your conventional dessert, but if you love the combination of sweet-salty flavours then this snack is right up your alley. Using just 2 ingredients (yes, you read that right), you’re only a few simple steps away from making a batch of this addictive snack. Get started with this incredibly easy and simple halal Royce' Potato Chip Chocolate recipe right here.
4. Brownie
You can't go wrong with a classic brownie, especially fudgy ones! Featuring pretty straightforward ingredients and not much effort to do them, you'll have this sweet dessert ready in no time at all. When you're ready to serve, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream (or any other flavour) on top and enjoy! Get started with our easy fudgy brownies recipe right here.
5. Chocolate chip cookies
Another classic sweet treat are chocolate chip cookies. But if you want to up the ante, go ahead and make the ones from the popular Levain Bakery in New York City! Famous for their gigantic cookies that are perfectly crispy on the outside with an amazingly gooey chocolate-filled centre, use this easy recipe and get ready to create some of the best (and largest) chocolate chip cookies at home.
6. Mousse 
Ready to impress your partner with a traditional French chocolate mousse? Using just 4 ingredients (yes, you read that right!), all you need to do is combine dark chocolate, eggs, sugar and lemon juice, then let them magically come together in the fridge before serving  yourself a fantastically rich dessert. Get yourself started on your chocolate mousse using this easy recipe.
7. Hot chocolate
Switch things up and give the hot chocolate from the famous Parisian cafe, Angelina, a try! Regarded as the best hot chocolate in Paris, this European style drink is far thicker in consistency than most regular hot chocolates which gives it its iconic rich and velvety flavour. With just a whiff and a taste, the combo of its aroma and silkiness is enough to hook you in completely. So if that sounds heavenly to you, go ahead and see how you can fix one up yourself with this easy halal French chocolate recipe.
8. Chocolate cake
You'll find an endless variation of chocolate cake recipes online, though you'll find that many (particularly American) recipes for this dessert calls for the cake to be made in layers (i.e. enough batter for 2 pans, usually 8-inch or 9-inch in size) that are baked and cooled before being sandwiched and covered with a chocolate buttercream frosting. If that sounds up your alley, go for it! Try out this recipe by Cafe Delites which looks absolutely magnificent. P.S. Here are 8 simple and delicious cake recipes you can whip up at home for your next treat.