Get Your Halal Chicken Rice Fix And More At This Delicious Restaurant In KL


Ili •  Jul 10, 2020

Exploring the food scene in KL is always exciting and when you come across eateries like Restoran Dee Nasi Ayam, it’s a rewarding adventure that is unlike any other! For huge fans of chicken rice, you may have heard or even dined at this restaurant before. However, if you haven’t then get ready to make a trip to one of the best places in the city for a plate of delicious halal chicken rice ?

Located in Pandan Indah, about a 15-minute drive from KLCC, you’ll find Restoran Dee Nasi Ayam nestled among other businesses with its bright orange signage ready to welcome you. Operating since 1980, the eatery is popular among locals in the area who frequent the place mostly during lunch and dinner hours. So if you’re planning to drop by for a meal, make sure to arrive early to get a spot!   

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Dee Nasi Ayam specialises in chicken rice, as you can already guess ? But what makes it extra special is that it offers not one, not two but 15 types of chicken rice! That’s right - with all kinds of flavours and varieties to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find something here that’ll suit your taste. 

However if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the choices, don’t worry - we’re here to help you out ? A good place to start would be their signature dish, Nasi Ayam Roasted. It comes with a hearty chicken soup, a side of vegetables as well as sauces to tie everything perfectly together.

And as if those weren’t enough, you also get to savour chicken leg soup with your meal for free when you dine in at the restaurant! 

For those who are feeling more adventurous with their choice of protein, go ahead and try their special dishes like Nasi Ayam Kambing or Nasi Ayam Daging Bakar. Offering an entirely different flavour from the roasted chicken, just the thought of sinking our teeth in their juicy tender meats is already making our mouths water ? 

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Credit: Restoran Dee Nasi Ayam Pandan Indah on Facebook 

It’s not very often that you get to feast on all kinds of chicken rice dishes at one place - and when you do, it’s Dee Nasi Ayam that does it best! So for anyone who’s been hunting for a halal chicken rice spot in KL, make your way to this homey eatery where you’ll definitely be in for a treat ?

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Halal status: Muslim-owned

Opening hours: Open daily; 10AM-10PM

Address: No 41G, Jalan Pandan Indah 1/23, Pandan Indah, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Contact: +6019-953 5090

Facebook | Instagram

Find out more about Restoran Dee Nasi Ayam with out video below! ?