SG's Deanna Kitchen Release New Dish, Braised Chicken, Which You Must Try


Qistina Bumidin •  Jul 14, 2022

If you're a prawn mee lover, you'll surely know Deanna's Kitchen - a famous hawker stall owned by Chinese Muslim revert Denise Deanna. After reverting to Islam, she found it challenging to find halal prawn mee that tasted like the version she ate growing up, so she began to cook her own. From selling out of her home to pop-up sales to opening up a physical hawker stall - the story of Deanna's Kitchen is a Singaporean success story!

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Now, she's giving us another reason to continue frequenting her stall with her new dish: braised chicken! The chicken is slowly cooked with top grade soya sauce and other aromatics for tender meat that's rich in flavour and umami. You can choose from two different offerings based on your favourite parts: whole chicken leg and chicken wings ?

Credit: Screenshot from Denise Deanna on Instagram

For a hefty meal, get the Whole Chicken Leg Set with Braised Egg and Rice ($8). It's everything we love about chicken in a comforting bowl - juicy, succulent meat with savoury sauces oozing out in every bite! We're drooling right now ?

If you prefer a smaller meal that's still promises a satisfying meal nonetheless, the 2 Chicken Wings Set with Braised Egg and Rice ($6) will be the perfect choice! You can also choose to upgrade to their signature dry noodles as well for $1.

Credit: Screenshot from Denise Deanna on Instagram

Of course, in true authentic Chinese style, you MUST add on their chicken feet. For $5, you'll get 3 pieces of XL Chicken Feet! Its rich, almost luxurious mouthfeel in every bite, which you don’t get from any other chicken cut is the sole reason why this is the perfect accompaniment to your dish ?

While the Chai Chee outlet is temporarily closed due to manpower issues, you can still head down to the OG outlet at Jurong East for a delicious meal. Alternatively, you can have your meals delivered to you, and you can freely dig in to some chicken feet at the comfort of your own home ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Address: 214 Jurong East Street 21, Padi Emas Coffeeshop, Singapore 600214

Opening hours: 10am-8pm daily; closed on Mondays

Order the braised chicken here

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