D'Passport Cafe: This New Wanderlust-Themed Halal Cafe In SG Will Transport You Overseas


Faruq Senin •  Jul 29, 2021

The pandemic has definitely made us miss travelling a lot. And although we can't dine-in during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), there's a new halal cafe in Singapore to look forward to when the restrictions ease.

If you're in Bukit Timah and wondering, "Is there a halal cafe near me?" the answer is yes! D'Passport Cafe is the latest halal cafe in the neighbourhood and the cafe has a travel-themed concept. As we love both food and travel, this is definitely something that's very close to our hearts ?

D'Passport Cafe at Bukit Timah - New Halal Cafe In Singapore

Credit: @hungry.elle.sg on Instagram

D'Passport Cafe recently opened its doors during Phase 2 HA and no, you won't need a passport to enter ? During this period, the cafe is offering take-away. Stepping into the cafe, you'll be greeted with images of Santorini, Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon and the Great Ocean Road.

Instagram user @hungry.elle.sg visited the cafe and took some beautiful snapshots. True to its travel theme, D'Passport even has some luggage at the entrance of its cafe. What's great is also the attention to detail; the tables are designed by the owner's daughter and showcase different landmarks around the world.

Credit: @dpassportcafe on Instagram

D'Passport Cafe serves a range of desserts like gelato & homemade waffles, cheesecake, frappes and floats. One of their best-sellers is the Speculoos Cheesecake (pictured above) and yes, you can feel like you're in Santorini when you take that IG-worthy snapshot. They also have other decadent cakes like Lotus Cheesecake, Chocolate Rainbow cake and Red Velvet cake.

There are some interesting gelato flavours too like Mao Shan Wang, Avocado & Chocolate, Chendol, Cotton Candy Bubble Gum, Hokkaido Milk & Lavender and more!

Credit: @dpassportcafe on Instagram

Not to mention that they serve a range of coffee and cold brew too. We'd seriously love to be sipping some coffee by the "Grand Canyon" right now ? D'Passport Cafe also serves some small bites and baked pasta if you're feeling hungry.

Credit: @hungry.elle.sg on Instagram

Of course, a wanderlust-themed cafe wouldn't be complete without some old-school travel guides! As you chill out with your friends post-P2HA, you can also flip through some travel guides and get inspired for your future trips ?

So, if you and your friends are missing travel, make a date after Phase 2 HA and head over to D'Passport Cafe! SHARE this news with your loved ones!

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Address: 19 Toh Yi Drive


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