Corica Pastries Sells Delicious Muslim-Friendly Apple Strudels In Perth


Syahirah •  Jun 06, 2022

Nobody can say no to freshly baked goodies! Ever! 😋 Especially if they’re traditionally made apple strudels by Corica Pastries - an unassuming bakery located in Perth, Western Australia. Serving a multitude of freshly baked pastries and cakes, its beckoning dessert lovers from all over! And with travel becoming increasingly accessible in many parts of the world, we think it’s time to visit Perth for a bite. 🤩

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Corica Pastries is definitely not a new face in the pastry game with over 60 years of experience! A visit to their Facebook page will tell you exactly what kind of reputation they have amongst the locals - they have a loyal customer base dating from all the way back to its start in 1957.

Now you may be wondering what the hype around this bakery is all about. 🤔 If their reliable reputation isn’t enough to convince you, then their world famous apple strudels just might. Consisting of a flaky puff pastry, Italian custard, fresh apples and fresh cream, Corica Pastries’ apple strudel is a best seller and it's muslim-friendly

Simplicity, along with the traditional aspect of its preparation and recipe is what makes the delicious apple strudels stand out. The pastry is light with a crispy and fluffy exterior and the cream is not too sweet either!

A whole apple strudel will set you back 28AUD but it serves about 6-8 pax. So you can share it with your friends and family (or keep it for yourself, we won't tell!). Alternatively, the apple strudel is available in half the size for 18AUD. 

Packing some for the fam back home? Not to worry! Corica Pastries anticipated this and assures that their strudels are a great flying companion but must be hand carried. They come packed in their own sturdy box and travel very well as long as kept upright. Carry boxes and reusable bags that can fit up to 6 strudels are available for an extra 5AUD. Most importantly, keep the strudels refrigerated before and after the flight. 🤗

Food is always worth travelling for! So if you’re visiting Perth and thinking of getting yourself something homemade and artisanal, then you have to drop by Corica’s Pastries for the freshest apple strudels made traditionally with love! 💓

Opening hours: Mon-Fri; 8AM-5:30PM Sat; 8AM-3PM Sun; Closed

Address: 106 Aberdeen St Perth, WA, Australia 6003

Halal status: Not halal-certified but the ingredients used for the apple strudel are free from meat, alcohol and alcohol derivatives. Do dine with discretion.

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