Singapore's Chestnut Nature Park Has A Natural Stream Which Looks Like A Mini 'Waterfall'


Faruq Senin •  Dec 02, 2020

[UPDATED 2 Dec 2020 - Disclaimer: We previously posted this on Facebook but have since taken it down. We've received info from readers that you'll have to cross a railing to get to the waterfall. As much as we advocate uncovering hidden gems, we do acknowledge that visiting this spot is considered trespassing and there are NParks officers patrolling the area. We don't encourage trespassing in any way and strongly recommend that you visit this spot at your own risk. We've edited the article to reflect this.]

The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely made us explore more of our own backyard. One nature spot that's getting more and more popular lately is Chestnut Nature Park! Located near Bukit Panjang and the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Chestnut Nature Park is a great spot for mountain biking, and hiking. Recently, we found out that there's a mini "waterfall" located within Chestnut Nature Park too (thanks to our readers for this insider info ?)

Even though it's no Kota Tinggi, one of our readers mentioned that you can hear the sounds of water gushing as you're nearing it. We do have to disclaim that the water here is just the water from the natural stream flowing into a "longkang" so it's definitely not like the fresh waterfalls overseas.

Disclaimer: Our readers have informed us that there's a railing to cross to get to this spot and there might be NParks officers patrolling. We don't encourage trespassing in any way and strongly recommend that you visit this spot at your own risk. However, you can still admire it from afar. 

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Even though it's not a real waterfall, it still makes for a nice respite from the bustling city.

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Getting to the mini "waterfall" at Chestnut Nature Park

We're sure you must be wondering how to get to the "waterfall". This YouTube video by Bibi Pew shows the mini "waterfall" in detail and how to get there.

According to Bibi Pew, the mini "waterfall" is not located on the Northern or Southern Loop of Chestnut Nature Park. It's on the Nature Trail. You can enter the trail exactly from outside the bicycle rental shop washing point and carpark. Start your hike towards Leea Hut and you will come across a small bridge over a stream. Then, continue your hike until you see Cyathea Hut. From Cyathea Hut, you won't miss the mini waterfall!

Bibi Pew even gave the exact GPS coordinates that you can enter on Google Maps:

1°22'31.1"N 103°46'45.2"E

The "waterfall" doesn't look as majestic as the ones overseas but if you ask us, this will do to fuel our wanderlust for now ?

Chestnut Nature Park

If you do plan to explore other parts of Chestnut Nature Park, be sure to visit both its Southern and Northern Loop too. The Northern Loop is beginner-friendly, with a few slopes while the Southern Loop has a mix of terrains and landscapes. Both trails are largely forested areas, but if you’re on the Southern Loop, expect to find a lake, a fallen log, rocky paths and more. On the Northern Loop, you can catch a bird’s eye view of the greenery from the Observation Tower.

So, if you're planning a day out in nature this weekend, be sure to visit Chestnut Nature Park and immerse yourself in nature ?

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