Uncovering Cape Rachado Lighthouse, A Scenic Lookout Point In Port Dickson


Have Halal Will Travel •  Sep 02, 2020

This story about the Cape Rachado Lighthouse in Port Dickson is written by one of our contributors, Naim. Some parts of the article may have been edited for length and clarity. 

On the 21st of July 2020, I went on a solo trip to Port Dickson. I never actually travelled alone before so I thought might give it a shot. It was just a one night stay in Port Dickson. I chose Cape Rachado because it's a historic place where a war took place against the Portuguese during the great era of Kesultanan Melaka (Malacca Sultanate).

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Believe it or not, for as long as I've lived, I've been to Port Dickson many times before with family and friends but this is the first time ever I've been here.

Before I went there, I really doubted myself and didn't know if I could climb the hill to reach the peak and the lighthouse. But midway I met a new elderly friend. He is 59 years old, and the journey turned out just fine afterwards because I had company to chat with.

After we reached the lighthouse, I felt relieved and relaxed. I recommend this activity for other travellers who enjoy the beauty of nature.

It's a great place to enjoy the tremendous amount of oxygen, the sound of monkeys, birds and insects.

The view from the peak is so beautiful and I don't think there are many lookout points in Malaysia with a lighthouse at the top.

There's no need to fill in any form. You just need to walk in through the front gate of Tanjung Tuan (Cape Rachado) recreational forest. It opens from 7am to 6pm and there's a small fee of RM1. You don't have to worry about halal food since there are many Muslim-owned food stalls or restaurants around. The nearest Mosque is in an army camp which you will pass by on the way to Cape Rachado.

There's also an ostrich farm and an upside-down house near the area although I didn't have a chance to visit. There's also another trail you can take after you almost reach the lighthouse that will lead to Bukit Batu Putih which is also a popular spot for hikers for a sunset view in the evening. Just take note that Port Dickson can be packed during weekends or holiday season!

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