Cambodia Plans To Reopen To Vaccinated Travellers As Early As This November


Ili •  Sep 09, 2021

From scenic beaches and islands to delicious street food, Southeast Asian has it all. As much we miss escaping to our favourite budget destinations in Southeast Asia, only a few countries will be reopening their borders in the near future - one of which is Cambodia.

Is Cambodia open for travel?

According to Focus on Travel News, the Cambodian tourism ministry announced that fully vaccinated international tourists with proof of inoculation will be allowed to enter Cambodia as early as November 2021.

Currently, Cambodia is the second most vaccinated country in Southeast Asia after Singapore. Over 60% of its 16.5 million people have been inoculated while over 95% of its residents in the capital of Phnom Penh are fully-vaccinated. Herd immunity is expected to be achieved by the end of September this year. Additionally, children over the age of 12 have been receiving vaccinations in August.

What to do in Cambodia?

Though it’s only one of the structures within the larger Angkor Archaeological Park, Angkor Wat's sheer size and scale make it an ancient marvel. You’ll need an Angkor pass to visit - prices range from 149,000 riels (USD37) for a 1-day pass to 290,000 riels (USD72) for a 7-day pass - but it’s worth it to get to really explore the entire complex, and you’ll get access to some other temples such as Phnom Krom and Wat Athvea too.

The floating villages are another sight you can’t miss - just remember to do your research first, as each village is unique in its own way! After spending your days out under the sun, spend your evenings trawling the Old Markets to cool down with some refreshing fruit shakes, pancakes, or rolled ice cream.

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