When Is The Best Time To Visit Paris


Qistina Bumidin •  Oct 03, 2022

One of the cultural icons of the 20's Hollywood, Audrey Hepburn once said, "Paris is a good idea" in the classic film, Sabrina, and she's not wrong. One of the great things about Paris is that it is a lively city no matter the time of the year, and each season has its own charm ? Ultimately however, the best time to travel to Paris boils down to your preferences, and we're giving you 4 key points to consider to help you choose the ones that matters most to you! Who would want their vacation ruined just because they missed the massive discounts on luxury goods right? ?

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1. Best times to score shopping deals: January-February and June-July

If you're planning to shop till you drop, time your trip to Paris with their Summer or Winter Sales! Couple the deals with the Vat Tax refund and you might even be able to pay for your entire trip with your savings! Sales are regulated in France so these are the only 2 periods when you'll find brands having major discounts ? This year, the Paris Summer Sales take place from June 22, 2022, to July 19th 2022! The Winter Sales for 2023 will take place from January 11 – Feb 7th 2023. Want to know how massive the discounts are - you can find savings up to 70% OFF retail price! Imagine owning a Louis Vuitton half of the price back home - your friends will be jealous ? You can expect longer shopping hours at major department stores and malls too, especially during winter, so be prepared to return home with a heavier luggage.

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2. Best time to bask in the warm sun: June-August

Summer is the main tourist season, and one of the hottest and wettest seasons of the year. The city plays host to summer music festivals and national holiday parades. Plus you'll even get to simply relaxing by the shores of Paris Plages (Paris Beaches) ? Plus the weather's perfect for kicking back all along the banks of the Seine with a picnic, and more! August is a famously quiet time in Paris due to the mass exodus of Parisians who go on summer vacation, leaving mostly tourists behind to enjoy the city and its many sights and attractions all for themselves.

This also means that many cafes and restaurants may be closed, however major chains will remain open. Moreover, you can expect lots of tourists as well - packed subway stations, long traffic jams and more. However, don't simply write off travelling this period - you can fully enjoy the whole summer atmosphere, where the sun sets after 10pm which will leave more time to visit the city ?

3. Best time for a bit of everything: April-May and Sept-Oct

Spring (especially April and May) and autumn (particularly September and October) are ideal for visiting Paris, as crowds will be thinner, but the weather will be nice.

The days are longer, the air’s a little warmer, beautiful cherry blossoms are in full bloom, shops and patisseries filled with drool-worthy, edible works of art, the list is endless but you get the gist; France is absolutely breathtaking in spring ? Temperatures are now warm enough to head to Paris' parks and gardens, including the city's most popular, the Jardin du Luxembourg, and along the Unesco World Heritage-listed riverbanks, particularly the Parc Rives de Seine: former expressways-turned-parks on the right and left banks ?

In fall, autumn colors will begin to seep in - crisp cool sunny days, crunchy golden leaves underfoot, steaming cups of hot chocolate, new exhibitions: it's a dream time for cultural junkies and those who wants to experience living like a local! Take a day trip to Loire Valley, once the stomping grounds of great kings and nobles. With shades of beautiful golden and fiery reds against the gorgeous Chateau background, it's just the place to relax and have a nice picnic within the castle compounds ?

Here's a tip though: try to avoid travelling to Paris between end September to early October as that's when Paris Fashion Week usually happens. Hotel and flight prices will skyrocket, plus you can expect much more crowds, albeit lesser of those than in summer season.

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4. Best time for budget travellers: Nov-March

Sights are quieter (so lesser crowds!) and prices lower during winter, making it a great time for budget travelers - but that does not make Paris any less wonderful. While the weather is mostly rainy and chilly, snow is quite infrequent. But come winter, ice-skating rinks still pop up across the city, including in some truly picturesque spots, such as Galeries Lafayette's panoramic rooftop ? Skating is usually free - you just have to pay a small amount for skate hire. In December, the city will light up with Christmas trees and beautifully-decorated shop windows, which adds on to the magical allure of Paris. This is especially the best time for those who wants to experience a wintry vacation - plus many claim that the best discounts for shopping are from their Winter Sales! ?

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There really is no best time to travel to Paris; just a few hacks here and there to help you choose the best period based on what you want your Paris trip to look like ?