Batam's Panbil Nature Reserve: Hiking Trails And Rabbit, Deer Feeding From SGD9 Per Person


Qistina Bumidin •  Oct 19, 2022

With its affordable shopping options, great food and plenty of activities, Batam has always been the go-to destination for Singaporeans looking for a short getaway. Plus, it's only a ferry ride that takes less than an hour - it's not hard to see why many Singaporeans flock to this amazing island! ?

If you want to change up your next Batam trip, why not put this animal reserve on your list? Panbil Nature Reserve is a 13-mins drive from Batam Centre Point International Ferry Terminal, plus packages cost SGD9 per person - with all the fun activities you're about to read, it's worth a spot for you and your family to check out! ?

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Feed a variety of animals, including rabbits, birds and more

Upon entering Panbil Nature Reserve, you’ll notice different zones housing animals you can feed and touch. To do so, you can purchase individual packages for specific animals or opt for bundle deals. The most basic one you can choose would be the Standard Package, which costs about IDR100,000 (~SGD9) per person. In this package, you'll be accompanied by an animal keeper who will be your guide explaining each zone and their good efforts to protect them!

Of course, we can bet the rabbit feeding zone will be high up on your list because who can resist how adorable they look ? Each visitor will be given a cup of carrots - watch the bunnies come hopping straight to you ? The staff passed us a cup of carrots each, and all the bunnies in the vicinity instantly crowded around us. There are a few guinea pigs around, so feel free to pet and feed them!

There are also other animals you can interact with, such as koi fish, reptiles like red-bearded dragons and snacks, and birds ?

There are 3 different bird zones here – a pigeon-feeding area, a peacock dome, and a bird pavilion. The bird pavilion, in particular, might interest you, where some of these colourful parrots might perch on you as you feed them! Don't worry, they won't bite ?

The medium and full packages offer light snacks and full meals at their restaurant if you're planning to spend a full day here! However, we cannot ascertain the halal status of the food, so do dine with discretion.

Go trekking at a deer sanctuary

If you've gotten into the habit of hiking or want to check out a change of scenery from city life, why not sign up for the Soft Trekking package here at Panbil Nature Reserve? Setting you back by IDR150,000 (~SGD14), you'll get the chance to pet and feed real-life deer – something we won't see in our hiking experiences here! ?

The 2-hour hike will also take you through a 207-hectare forest, where you can admire gorgeous flora and fauna like Shorea trees and orchids. Each package includes trekking poles and a friendly, experienced guide who will share their extensive knowledge every step of the way ?

Alternatively, if you want a more immersive hiking experience, why not try the Premium Trekking (Eco Healing/ Water Therapy) package, which is priced at IDR200,000 (~SGD19). This lasts about 3 to 4 hours, and it's truly meant to be a healing hike! Each package offers free hot beverages, light snacks, trekking poles and an experienced guide who will ensure your hike will be a calming and safe one ?

You might even get to try fun activities such as a Tarzan swing, going for a swim in the river, yoga, or simply just sitting by the riverbank and marvelling at the waterfall ?

Take wedding photos with adorable deers and breathtaking forest views as backdrop

Here's something interesting - you can even snap your wedding photos here! If you and your partner are fervent nature lovers, having deers photobomb your photos will create an unforgettable memory to share for the rest of your lives! ? On weekdays, the package costs IDR750,000 (~SGD69), and for weekends, it costs IDR1m (~SGD92). Each package covers 4 people, and you'll get free access to the entire Panbil Nature Reserve! ?

The nature reserve has its nature-themed food court, Artrium! There are many food options - from fast food like KFC to local and Western cuisine. You can check out the full list here. Do note that we cannot ascertain the halal status of Artrium, so do dine with discretion.

So the next time you're in Batam, why not add Panbil Nature Reserve to your trip? We bet the kiddos (and you!) would love the nice retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life, Plus CUTE DEERS AND RABBITS TO FEED ?

Address: JL. Ahmad Yani, Muka Kuning, Batam

Opening hours: Mon-Fri (10am-10pm); Sat-Sun (9am-10pm)

Contact:+61 0821-7368-1661

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