[UPDATED 27 June 2019 – There are only 14 items in this list now as we’ve removed Cadbury Cherry Ripes from the list as it’s not halal-certified as previously mentioned. We apologise for the confusion.]

Imagine this: you are on holiday and enjoying your time in the Land Down Under. In the midst of all the fun, however, you think of your loved ones at home. How nice would it be if they are all here together with you? But because they can’t be, you’d have to get the next best thing – souvenirs for them! And no, we’re not talking about the overrated keychains 😉

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Australia is amazing for a lot of things, and one of it has to be their array of unique souvenirs. Here are our top picks for awesome (and practical) ideas for you to start souvenir-hunting in Australia!

1. For the coffee lover: Coffee beans

The café scene in Australia is dominated by independent businesses instead of global chains, hence the reason why it is unlikely for you to stumble upon the famous Starbucks in the country. Australians have a special affinity for coffee; and this fact is reflected in the strength and significance of the local coffee culture. With a myriad of independent coffee roasters and shops around the country, Australia is no doubt a well-opinionated nation when it comes to coffee 😍

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In the land where coffee is the way of life, you have got to bring that Australian coffee experience with you for the coffee lover back home. The best way to do that is to get coffee beans from renowned cafes – baristas are able to provide you with the best suggestions on the type of roast that best suits your loved one’s taste buds for that perfect cup of coffee!

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#HHWT Tip: If you’re buying coffee as a souvenir for your loved ones back home, check if they have a coffee grinder. If not, ask if the barista could grind the coffee beans for you – more often than not they would be glad to help you do so for free.

2. For the sweet-toothed: Golden Boronia Nougat

If your loved ones are into desserts and everything sweet, packets of the Golden Boronia Nougat would excite them for sure🤗 And the Golden Boronia Nougat is Australia’s number one nougat! The nougat is made using natural ingredients and is 100% cholesterol-free, so your loved ones can munch away without feeling too guilty 😝

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Plus the nougats come with a wide variety of types. From hard nougats to soft nougats, from original flavoured nougats to almond ones, you’d be at a loss of what to get. Which is why we recommend getting the mixed pack so your loved ones are free to choose their preferred flavours!

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P.S. You can be rest assured of the nougat’s halal status as it’s Halal-certified by the Western Australia Halal Authority (WAHA).

3. For the even sweeter-toothed: Honey cake

Besides nougat, another dessert you can bring home for your loved ones is Australia’s famous honey cake exclusively available at The Honeycake, Perth. The sweet delight that is this traditional Czech honey-layered cake is filled with caramel and topped with fresh ground walnuts 😋

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Not only is it delicious, but it’s also so addictive it will leave you wanting more! Plus the quaint packages they come in are perfect. You don’t even need an extra bag for this 😉

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#HHWT Tip: Alcohol-free whole cakes must be pre-ordered as they are only available upon request. It is advisable for you to contact them via their offices directly 3 days in advance (we recommend a week!) to place your order.

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For the chocolate lovers:
4. Pods chocolates

If you are big a fan of chocolates (who isn’t right?😝), this is something you absolutely can’t miss out on!

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These little morsels of chocolate are literally called “pods” for a reason and they are actually small wafer pods with chocolate filling. Take your pick of Snickers, Mars or Twix chocolate filling and trust us, this crunchy and choco combination is a real treat. Beware though, it might be really addictive!😜

What’s great is that these chocolates are halal-certified from Halal Certification Authority Australia and you can get them from supermarkets like Woolworths, IGA and Coles.

P.S. Did you know that Woolworths in Sydney is planning to have their own brand of halal products? Check out this article for more information!

5. Cadbury Caramello Koala

Caramel and chocolate in one bite? That’s like 2 of the best sweet treats you can ever combine! And yes, Cadbury’s Caramello Koala is making this dream come true.

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Shaped in the form of the country’s mascot, a koala, this snack consists of milk chocolate with a flowing caramel centre, and many locals remember it as their favourite childhood snack. While the taste is really yummy, you might just hesitate to eat these Caramello Koalas because they are too cute!😂

Note: Cadbury Caramello Koala is halal-certified by the Halal Certification Authority Australia.

For the foodie:
6. Vegemite

If you have been to Australia, you would know that Australians live on Vegemite. It is a staple in most Australian households. The thick and dark brown spread is high in salt, and can be put in an assortment of foods – from bread to spaghetti and soup. It’s kind of like how we’re obsessed with Nutella here, Australians are obsessed with Vegemite!

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Be warned though, this is a very strong taste and you either love it or hate it 😜

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Although its ingredients are not known due to its closely-guarded recipe, Vegemite is certified halal by the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils!

7. Banana bread

In case you’re looking for something to go with your Vegemite, get the Banana bread from Coles! Or you can have the bread on its own as it tastes perfect too.

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Freshly baked and packed with flavour, this is a snack that you can eat as a breakfast dish while you’re there on vacay or bring it home to savour it.

Note: While the banana bread from Coles is not officially halal-certified, we’ve checked the ingredients and it doesn’t contain any alcohol or animal derivatives. Do dine at your own discretion.

8. For the nutty one: Macadamia nuts

For a healthier option, macadamia nuts serve as a great snack. The high-fat content in macadamia nuts is healthy – it reduces cholesterol levels and reduces your risk of heart disease. As macadamia nuts originated in Australia, you can get them for cheap as souvenirs for the foodie back home!

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And when we talk about macadamia nuts, we’re not just talking about eating them. Australia took it one level up and turned their macadamia nuts into awesome skincare products😍

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Pure Nut is made of nature-inspired premium ingredients and the macadamia oil it contains is known to nourish and rejuvenate your skin!

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For the beauty guru:
9. Lucas’ Papaw Ointment, Tea tree oil products

Talking about skin care products, here’s even more for the beauty guru back home! There is a variety of tea tree oil products widely available and made in Australia. As tea tree oil is completely natural, your loved ones will enjoy a boost to their skin – and they will definitely thank you for 😉

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Australian skincare products also have healing properties. I mean, it’s always good to have some of these just in case, right? Thursday Plantation’s healing balm would feel so good on your skin, while it nurses it back to health.

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Alternatively, try Lucas’ Papaw Ointment – an iconic Australian product. Papaw is another term for papaya; and as you would have guessed, the ointment is made from pure Australian papaws!

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With antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, the ointment can be used as a local topical application for minor burns and scalds, insect bites and rashes. It also offers relief for skin inflammation and doubles as a light moisturizer for your lips.

10. For tea connoisseurs: T2

If you’re a tea connoisseur, then you’re in for a treat at T2, a boutique tea shop in Australia. Originating from Melbourne, T2 has unique tea flavours and it’s not just tea that you’re buying here but the whole tea experience.

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What’s great about T2 is their interestingly designed boxes and you can expect normal flavours like peppermint, chamomile and lavender, chai and French earl grey to more unique ones like strawberries and cream, choc chip chai and more! Their boxes also have instructions so you’ll know how long you should brew your tea and serving suggestions – perfect if you’re a beginner 😊 Besides getting tea, you can also get teawares like tea infusers, pots, tea glasses, jugs and flasks which are beautifully designed.

11. For the health-conscious: Fish oil supplements

The continent offers products not just for your exterior well-being, but also the interior. And we’re talking about supplements! You can buy supplements in Australia at ridiculously low prices, especially fish oil supplements. What better way to show your love and care for your loved ones than to present them with fish oil supplements? ☺️

Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which does wonders to your health. It promotes healthy cholesterol levels as well as supports bone health. Your mental health is also taken care of as fish oil offers mood support, eliminating disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Note: One of our readers have alerted us that most fish oil brands in Australia might contain pork gelatine or non-halal-certified bovine gelatine. These are the fish oil brands that are halal: Healthycare, Blackmores (only EPO+Fish Oil and Omega Brain High DHA Fish Oil), Southernature, Australian by Nature and Madina Vitamins. Do check out for the halal certification logo before you purchase them.

#HHWT Tip: If you know there will be more than one person in the family who consume fish oil supplements on a daily basis, it is wiser to purchase those in bigger bottles containing more than 100 capsules. It is more economical to purchase the bigger bottles of fish oil supplements at cheaper prices, more so when the expiry date is nearer (less than 6 months away).

12. For the fashionista: UGG boots

UGG boots are unisex boots made of the finest quality of sheepskin! Apart from being trendy, they provide warmth, comfort and ease of wear – the perfect gift for travellers to cold countries who love to dress to impress. UGG boots are also versatile and can be worn over any style while providing maximum comfort 🤗

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A gift of UGG boots is sure to pamper the feet of your loved ones. With Australia being the largest distributor of sheepskin footwear, you can get the original boots from UGG Australia and be assured of their great quality!

13. For the jewel fiend: Pandora jewellery

If your loved one is into bling-bling, Pandora bracelets and charms make a great gift. Jewellery from the Danish manufacturer and retailer can sometimes be cheaper than that in our home country. Couple that with tax refund claimed via the Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS), you get to enjoy more savings when you buy Pandora jewellery in Australia 😱

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Make your Pandora charm extra special by getting those that can only be found in the Land Down Under, like the Sydney Opera House and the Australian flag charms!

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You don’t have to worry about wrapping this one up, as the packaging is already more than gorgeous!

14. For the collector: Boomerang

The boomerang is a symbol of the aboriginal Australian culture, which indigenous hunters used to seek for prey. Its unique crescent shape allows it to return to the thrower, meaning a hunter will never lose his boomerang when out hunting!

Hand-painted boomerangs of different sizes can normally be found in markets and souvenir shops around the country. These boomerangs would make great gifts for the collectors back home!

There you have it – awesome gifts you can bring back from Australia for your loved ones. We can assure you that these gifts are so amazing, they won’t chuck it aside like any other normal souvenir 😌

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