A'moss Farmstay: Our Amazing Glamping Experience In Cameron Highlands


Have Halal Will Travel •  Aug 31, 2020

This story about the Amoss Farmstay in Cameron Highlands is written by one of our contributors, Naquiah. Some parts of the article may have been edited for length and clarity. 

We really love Cameron Highlands because of the nature and cold breeze. For this trip, we decided to try something different by staying at other accommodations rather than hotels. We were travelling from Kuala Lumpur and decided to spend 2 days and 1 night at Cameron Highlands to relax our minds.

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Ambience at A'moss Farmstay

Have you heard of farmstays? It is definitely for someone who wants to spend time in the tranquillity of nature. This is why we chose A'moss Farmstay, Brinchang.

It is a glamping site with domes and basic accommodation suitable for travel couples and groups like us.

We booked our dome through booking.com for RM240/night in January 2020 which was quite lucky for us since they are always fully booked! The owner, Mr Ruban, said that due to the COVID pandemic earlier this year, many customers cancelled their stay for that month.

A'moss Farmstay is located at Brinchang, near the famous Mossy Forest and the Boh tea plantation. It is mainly surrounded by forest, a cabbage farm and tea plantation. Since it is located at the edge of the Mossy Forest, it can be so cold at night so don’t forget to prepare sweaters for those who cannot stand cold. We went there in our own vehicle and I would say it was very challenging. The road is very narrow and can be quite slippery when it's raining. If you are not confident with your driving skills, you can discuss with Mr Ruban where you can park your car at the Nova Hotel and he will fetch you up. We arrived in the afternoon and had plenty of time to enjoy a brisk walk to the cabbage farm located near our dome. As I went there basically to relax, we did not join any of the farming activities provided by the farmstay. For those who want to get more knowledge about farming, this is the perfect place for you.

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Rooms at A'moss Farmstay

A'moss Farmstay consists of a total of 3 domes. 2 domes of queen bed and hammock and 1 dome of double-deckers can fit up to 4 persons. The dome consists of basic amenities such as fan, kettle, and mug, Wifi but no TV since you will definitely enjoy the scenery outside through the transparent wall.

Each dome has 1 individual toilet and it's located just two steps outside of our dome.

The toilet consists of a toilet bowl, sink and shower with heater. Each dome also has its own open space for you to relax, stargaze and even do steamboat! For grilling or cooking purposes, there was a pantry with basic utensils. Having your meal overlooking the beautiful landscape is a must! We already bought all the ingredients from Kuala Lumpur for our steamboat and lamb grill. But for fresh vegetables and fruits, we got them from a nearby stall. Can you imagine steamboat and lamb grill in the cold weather?

I have been asked many times regarding the safety at A'moss Farmstay. So, the door is basically just a zip. We were quite surprised as we didn't bring any padlock to secure the door at night while sleeping. So we decided to keep our valuables underneath the bedsheet. In terms of privacy, there are thick curtains to cover the transparent wall completely. So I would recommend all to bring your own S hook or padlock for safety purposes.

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Activities at A'moss Farmstay

Apart from farm tour, they also provide a Mossy Forest tour for guests who wish to hike or you can ride a 4x4 transportation service provided by the farmstay.

We will definitely recommend this place for travellers who want to be near nature without staying in a normal hotel or basic tent!

A'moss Farmstay

Rate: from RM250

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