Air Terjun Lata Penyel: Hike Your Way To This Stunning Waterfall In Perak For An Exciting Adventure


Ili •  Nov 03, 2020

It's no secret that Malaysia is filled with plenty of nature gems. From impressive national parks and canopy walks to lush forests and stunning caves, there's always something to look forward to no matter which corner of the country you visit! For those seeking adventure in Perak, make your way to Air Terjun Lata Penyel and get ready for a jaw-dropping experience.

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Located fairly deep in the Orang Asli village of Kampung Pendeq, Pos Yum, the waterfall is a 2-hour drive from Ipoh. Once arrived, throw on your hiking shoes and prepare to trek for about 20 minutes starting from the entrance. Soak in the lush greenery around you and enjoy sounds of birds chirping, leaves rustling and streams trickling nearby.

#HHWTTip: Make sure to fuel up your stomach before starting your hike. Or bring an energy bar to munch on if you get tired midway through.

You may feel a little drained during the hike, but the majestic view that awaits you at the end is worth every step! Feel the power of the cascading waterfall and don't forget to snap a picture or two as you're admiring it. Visitors have mentioned how the waterfall turned out to be much larger than they anticipated. So if you're just impressed by the pictures alone, just imagine being there face-to-face ?

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As we continue to uncover more hidden gems like this, call your friends up and make plans together to visit this majestic waterfall for your future Perak trip!

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