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8 Affordable Halal Romantic Restaurants In Singapore (Less Than $50 For 2 Pax!)


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Feb 11, 2022


This one is for the couples who are financially savvy, or need to save money for their upcoming BTO! 😋🥲 Saving money can be tough, especially when date nights are an essential part of a relationship. No worries, though 😌 We've found 8 halal affordable romantic restaurants for your next date night. If you play your cards right, you could be spending just $50 for 2 pax 🤩 Follow us on Telegram for the latest updates: https://bit.ly/3LnFN1F

1. Daya Izakaya

Credit: Daya Izakaya on Facebook Can't travel for your honeymoon? Daya Izakaya will transport you and your loved one to Japan! For the uninitiated, izakayas are a small Japanese drinking establishment with food served tapas-style. They are usually casual eateries with small wooden tables and chairs and a place where Japanese would hang out at after work. Though they usually serve alcohol, Daya Izakaya is a Muslim-owned establishment so rest assured, you can immerse yourself in the izakaya vibes with halal Japanese food! As the only halal izakaya in Singapore, Daya Izakaya serves scrumptious Japanese fare such as Kaminabe (mini paper hot pot), Sashimi, Maki, Kushiyaki, Agemono and more. 😍 The best part? Their dishes go at an average of $10, with the exception of dishes like the Wagyu Beef Tataki, which is $38. Stick to the average-priced dishes and it seems a less than $50 meal might just be achievable! 😊
Daya Izakaya
Halal status: Muslim-owned

2. Rasa Istimewa

Credit: Azmi Omar on Facebook Looking for a waterfront view? Rasa Istimewa is the place for scenic sights. Their two outlets located in Pasir Ris Park and Woodlands Waterfront are just by the beach and by a waterfront respectively, which means your meal will be both serene and delicious! You can even go for a walk along the waters afterwards, for that extra sprinkle of romance. At Woodlands Waterfront, their seafood goes for an average of $15 per dish (staying away from the high-end dishes like prawns for $30 of course!), they've also got affordable BBQ, western, satay and rice options that'll complete your meal while still remaining below $50! Moderation is key, but it's definitely worth it and doable at Rasa Istimewa. 😋
Credit: Rasa Istimewa Waterfront Restaurant on Facebook I mean, just look at that view!  😍P.S. Love sunsets? Check out HHWT's ultimate guide to sunset spots! Rasa Istimewa Halal Status: Halal-Certified Facebook

3. Andes by Astons

Credit: Andes by Astons on FacebookAndes by Astons is best known for its quality halal meat, cooked to perfection upon your request.🤤 Serving an extensive menu in their signature cowboy-themed setting establishments,  you can expect to delight in juicy meat cuts, poultry, and seafood. Most of the main courses are also served with two side dishes of your choice. Andes' presence manages to bridge the gap between quality western dishes, halal food, and reasonable price, which makes this the best place for an affordable, romantic date! All their poultry and seafood go for less than $20, and even their steaks have less than $20 options 😱 What a steal!Andes by Astons Halal Status: Halal-Certified Facebook

4 . Panquecas'

Credit: Panquecas' on Facebook A new pancake spot has just arrived on the block and it’s bringing a whole slew of interesting and unique flavours to the table! Panquecas, Picanhas’ new halal Pancake spot along Club Street, just opened and it’s the talk of the town. From never-before-seen pancake flavours to creme cheese teas, this new Muslim-owned cafe is the new halal dessert eatery you have to check out. If you're feeling adventurous, try the nutty Apam Balik Pancake. Known to any local street food fan, the Apam Balik now takes the form of a pancake with Panquecas'! You could also try the Kopi O Pancake🤩 Made out of generous slathers of Kaya Creme Patissiere and Coffee Creme with a sprinkle of Coffee Crumble, you won't get enough of it. Bring your loved one here for an affordable romantic meal would be perfect. Not are their unique pancakes also delicious, they're also affordable at an average of $15 per dish! The interior is also cool and cozy. Perfect for quiet, relaxing and romantic date! Panquecas'Halal Status: Muslim-Owned Facebook

5. D.U.I.T. SG

Credit: D.U.I.T SG on Facebook If you're looking to have a late night supper date, D.U.I.T SG is just the place. Away from the crowds, this restaurant is located along a quiet stretch of Changi. So well hidden is this spot that you probably would not stumble upon it unless you were truly looking for it. It's got pretty fairy lights, both indoor and outdoor seating, and amazing food for you to enjoy too, providing any couple with the right atmosphere for romance!
Credit: D.U.I.T SG on Facebook If you're on a budget, D.U.I.T SG has a set menu for 2-3 pax that costs only $50. It includes your choice of Garoupa or BBQ Stingray, Vegetables and Prawns. Seafood lovers will definitely love this! Alternatively, you could opt for the ala carte dishes, which average at $15 for a small plate. 😋 D.U.I.T SG Halal Status: Halal-Certified Facebook

6. Saporita

Credit: Saporita on Facebook Even if we can't travel to Italy just yet, we can still indulge in delicious, Italian food! With Saporita, Singapore's halal Italian restaurant in a hawker centre, you can now transport you and your partner to Italy without needing to take a flight 😄 Known best for their cheese wheel dishes, you can create a special blend of pasta or pizza that's catered to your own tastes. The best part? Saporita is home to 3 different types of cheese wheels! Choose the Parmesan Cheese Wheel if you're longing for cheesy pizza or pasta. 🤩 At an average price of $12, the cheapest being $8, this is one of the best spots to go on an affordable date! Saporita Halal Status: Muslim-Owned Facebook

 7. Tipo Pasta Bar

Credit: Tipo Pasta Bar on Facebook Love building your own pasta? Saporita is not the only place that serves up this experience! Tipo Pasta Bar is known for customisable meals that'll leave you in your own unique slurp of heaven. All pastas are served at $9.90, with an option to upsize for $3. And since you get to choose the amount and type of topping you'd like on your pasta, this is the best place for you to control some of your spendings. 😌 Tipo Pasta Bar is also located near the Masjid Sultan area, which means you can always explore the area after your date, and enjoy the lively atmosphere that the area has to provide! Tipo Pasta BarHalal status: Halal-certified Facebook

8. Badoque Cafe

Credit: Badoque Cafe on Facebook Known for their quality of food and huge portions, Badoque is one eatery you won't be disappointed with. Located in a quiet corner of Bedok Road, this quaint cafe is the perfect spot for a romantic date. From their Special Beef Ribs which comes glazed in their homemade barbecue sauce to delicious Salmon Pasta, not only will you have had a romantic time with your partner, you'd also be satisfied at the end of the meal! Here's the catch, although their dishes are a little above our set budget of $50, many of their dishes are so big they could feed 2 people! If the both of you have small appetites, then Badoque should be no problem 😋 P.S. Here late at night for your date? Badoque is near a halal late night ice cream spot! Check it here!Badoque Halal Status: Muslim-Owned Facebook  Dates can be extravagant while not breaking the bank! These 8 halal affordable romantic restaurants will leave you both satisfied and happy at the end of the meal. Share this with your partner to plan your next romantic date! 😍