5 Useful Apps For Prayer Times And Finding The Qibla While Travelling


Ili •  Dec 21, 2019

As Muslim travellers, one of the unique challenges we face while on a trip abroad is figuring out prayer times and subsequently the correct Qibla direction ? It can prove to be a tricky task especially when visiting unfamiliar places with vastly different time zones.

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Thankfully, there are plenty of resources in the form of apps that are easily accessible to help in a situation like this! With so many apps to choose from, we’ve narrowed them down to a list of five that you’ll find handy when jetting off to your next vacation. 

1. Muslim Pro

As one of the most popular apps used by Muslims worldwide, Muslim Pro is the go-to mobile application where you can find accurate prayer times based on your location and worldwide Qibla directions. 

It also provides other main features such as the Holy Quran with audio recitations by multiple reciters and translations in different languages, an Islamic calendar and the 99 Names of Allah. So, if you’re looking for that all-in-one app to ease your travels, let it be Muslim Pro!

Note: If your phone does not have a built in compass or if you are near any metal objects, you may face inaccuracy when using the Qibla compass on Muslim Pro. 

2. iman

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While you’re packing your travel essentials for that long-haul flight, don’t forget to download iman before leaving your home. This minimalist prayer time notification app makes planning your sightseeing adventure so much easier as it has a countdown timer to the next prayer time displayed clearly on its home page. With a user-friendly layout, you can easily find the Qibla compass on the side tab among its other useful features like a digital tasbeeh counter and various supplications. 

#HHWTTip: Another option to find prayer times is to check the local Muslim association’s website.

3. Athan

Sometimes, finding the right Qibla direction with an app can still be a challenge due to the swivelling needle of the compass. Athan is the perfect choice for Muslim travellers who are looking for a clear-cut way to determine the Qibla. Its compass gives an audible click and a vibrating buzz when pointing in the right direction of Ka’bah, which helps to eliminate any confusion you may have when it comes to the Qibla.  

4. Muslim Assistant 

Simple and efficient, that’s what the Muslim Assistant app is all about when you’re looking for accurate prayer times and Qibla direction. Beyond these two features, you can also expect to find a prayer tracker feature that helps Muslim travellers to keep check of their prayers, as it is easy to get caught up in the moment when travelling through timezones.

5. Prayertime.Sg

If you’re travelling to Singapore, getting the Prayertime.Sg app is ideal for when you’re busy exploring the island. With prayer time data acquired from MUIS - Singapore’s Islamic Religious Council, you won’t have to worry about the accuracy of prayer times. Along with its inclusive feature of a Qiblat compass, you can also find out where the nearest mosques and musallahs are from this app. 

So, whether your next travel adventure lands you in the heart of London, the charming cities of Japan or a cool neighbourhood in Singapore, you can find comfort in knowing that these Islamic apps will give you the necessary information when you’re looking to perform your duties as a Muslim while travelling ?