Halal Mexican Food Places In Singapore

4 Halal Mexican Food Places In Singapore For Your Fix Of Spicy & Savoury Birria Tacos


Shasha Dania •  Aug 14, 2023

We've got halal Italian food, Japanese food, Korean food, but halal Mexican cuisine may not be the easiest to find in Singapore. Although the Mexican food lovers out there will be glad to know there are still a handful of amazing eateries serving up taco platters, burritos, and more! ? If you've never tried Mexican food before, sit back and be prepared to be amazed by the bursts of flavours served by these 5 eateries & home cooks for some of the best halal Mexican foodin Singapore!

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Halal Mexican Food In Singapore

1. Afterwit

Any listicle of Mexican food has definitely got to mention Afterwit. This restaurant serves up classic Mexican fare reimagined with local flavours - think Briyani Burritos, Tom Yum Shrimp Quesadillas, and Peking Duck Tacos! Their North Bridge Rd outlet is currently not open for dine-in, but you can still order delivery right to your doorstep. While the delivery menu only has Cajun Chicken and Smoked Duck tacos, it's definitely still worth a try.

Halal status: Halal-certified

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2. Rem.Inis

Previously operating from a hawker stall in Sembawang, Rem.Inis now does delivery. Their quesadillas, tacos, nachos, and burrito rice boxes are great Tex-Mex comfort foods to sink your teeth into. Make sure to try the chicken tacos, or if you're up for a challenge the Triple Threat Quesadillas (also known as a King Calzone) is an epically sized quesadilla packed with grilled cheese and generous portions of meat, and topped with piping hot nacho cheese. Stay tuned to their Instagram to find out more!

Halal status: Muslim-owned


3. 22 Tacos SG (Temporarily closed)

With Tacos by 22's taco platters, you can customise your taco exactly the way you like it. ? Choose from chicken, beef, shrimp, or a mix of 2 flavours. The proteins, tacos, and vegetable toppings are all packed separately so you don't have to worry about anything getting soggy once you receive it. Pico de Gallo is also included as a sauce but you can add on extra toppings like spicy habaneros, guacamole, or cheese sauce for a small fee!

Halal status: Muslim-owned


4. CHICAS (temporarily closed)

CHICAS' taco platters come with 2 locally inspired proteins and are perfect for sharing with your family or friends. Choose from rendang, paru, or fish and simply place your order to get your tacos delivered right to your doorstep! Their fillings are nice and spicy too, so if you're a fan of spicy food this is right up your alley. CHICAS is having a short break and will be back soon. Do keep a lookout on their Instagram page for more updates from the store!

Halal status: Muslim-owned

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Whether you're planning on dining in or having a mini gathering at the comfort of your home, you can order the perfect quesadilla for an unforgettable feast.