12 Best Cycling Routes In Singapore For An Outdoor Retreat


Syahirah Mazlan •  Jun 13, 2022

Singapore has so much more to offer other than the modern city life we've all become accustomed to. Even though the country is known for many things from its shopping and dining culture to its advanced technology, many still enjoy one thing on the quieter side of Singapore - its cycling routes. So if you're an adventurous soul looking for a change of scenery in the city, then this is for you! ?

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1. Punggol WaterWay Park

Located in Punggol, this trail is found in the quiet part of northeasten Singapore. The modern park offers four unique themes - the Nature Cove, Green Gallery, Recreation Zone, and Heritage Zone. Each was created for different families and visitors to explore, so there's something for everyone.

The Nature Cove lets families gather on the lawn for picnics and a fantastic Waterway view. The Green Gallery offers a green trail for visitors to appreciate nature and the plantations surrounding them. As for those with a lot of energy to spare, the Recreation Zone has activities and features that will tire them out! ? While the little ones play in the sand and water, adults can visit the fitness corner to get their workout.

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2. Marina Bay Loop

If you want stunning skyline views, we suggest starting with this 11KM cycling route at sunrise or sunset! Make your way from Marina Bay Sand to the Helix Bridge, then carry on to the Esplanade and Merlion. This path will take you through the modern side of Singapore to see the impressive concrete jungle from a more touristy perspective.

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3. East Coast Park

What's a cycling trail list if we don't mention East Coast Park? ? East Coast Park runs the length of the Eastern coast of Singapore from Changi Airport to Fort Road. You could even stop and watch the planes if that's your thing! There is a designated cycle, walking path, and bicycle and rollerblade rental stalls for convenient rentals and returns. Other facilities include a skate park, barbecue, and camping grounds.

There are also many halal eateries within East Coast Park where you can take a rest from cycling and get your grub on. ? You could also cycle to the Bougainvillea Garden, where you can stroll through fields of beautiful red, pink, and yellow bougainvillaeas for a quick update on your IG feed.

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4. Coast-to-Coast Trail

If you're up for a challenge, the Coast-to-Coast trail will set you up for a fascinating one! It is possible to conquer this challenging trek by bicycle in less than a day, starting from Jurong Lake Gardens, where you can rent a bike at the start of the trail. Though the whole route utilises park connectors, you won't always be passing through nature and greenery. Occasionally, you have to get off your bike and walk along busy roads or estates but that makes for a very interesting trail, although, please be careful as this route is known to be crowded with pedestrians so do dismount and push when necessary!

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5. Changi Bay Point

The recently completed Changi Bay Point looks like a holiday destination (some would even go as far as to say it looks just like Jeju Island!). But don't let the serene atmosphere and spacious boardwalk fool you! ?With a length of 3.6km, the trail connects Changi Beach Park to the East Coastal Park Connector Network, where cyclists and hikers can enjoy a scenic coastal path.

Visitors can walk closer to the water's edge at Changi Bay Point thanks to a boardwalk connected to a breakwater. Near the path is a pavilion with benches that offers a panoramic view of the water. Afterwards, visitors can relax and enjoy the scenic and tranquil surroundings. ?

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6. Ketam Mountain Bike Trail

Located in Pulau Ubin, the Ketam Mountain Bike Trail may look daunting at first, but that's only if you don't come prepared! ? There are trails designated for beginner and experienced cyclists that you can choose from. The Black Diamond Trail is designed for beginners, while the Double Black Diamond is designed for experienced mountain bikers. So there's no need to fret. There's a trail made for cyclists of all skill levels!

Pick your trail carefully, for the more challenging courses come with narrow paths, uneven terrains, steep slopes, and drop-offs (which may require you to dismount and push your bikes just for safety!). Either way, whichever path you choose, you'll still be rewarded with a stunning view of the Ketam Quarry, where you can take a breather and enjoy the landscape view of the waterbody.

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7. Coney Island

Starting from Punggol Jetty, you can rent a bike from The Punggol Settlement just outside of the island if you don't have your own bike. We found that cycling is a great way to explore this tranquil island reasonably quickly and you could even go for multiple rounds! 

The coastal trails provide opportunities to discover the island's hidden beaches and mangrove swamps. So if you're a curious adventurer at heart, you could even hop off your bike and take a trek into the foliage for more exciting finds.

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8. Rower's Bay Park

This 75km route runs from Seletar to Labrador in Singapore's eastern part. Known to be a hidden gem, you'll be surprised to learn that Rower's Bay Park doesn't look like Singapore!

Several other features of the long green corridor include marine tiles along the coast, which provide habitat for marine species - like otters. ?And if you find the ground to be a little uneven for your cycling, know that the tiles' grooves, pits, and crevices are designed to help marine life thrive, including crabs, snails, starfish, and other marine biodiversity! 

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9. Changi Airport Connector

Changi Airport Connector is home to Changi Jurassic Mile, the city's largest permanent outdoor display of life-sized dinosaurs, the unique and fun attraction for families with kids. You can walk, run or cycle on this path. So take a stroll, then head for the pit stop where you can rent bicycles from GoCycling or if you're coming from the airport itself, you could rent an SGBike at the start of the trail. And if you're feeling sticky from the heat while exploring, you can even stop by the pay-per-use showers and take a quick rinse!

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10. Mandai Loop

Mandai is known for its trekking and cycling trails, especially among mountain bikers! Heading into the nature reserve, you can appreciate the greenery and wildlife, a very obvious difference from where the trail began. If you love nostalgia and want to take a trip down memory lane, hop onto Mandai road, one of the oldest roads in Singapore - not only is it secluded, the trees surrounding the road make for an Insta-worthy moment! ?

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11. Sentosa Island

Put away your slippers and beach towels! ?This time we're not headed to Sentosa for their golden beaches but for a cycling trip. You'd be surprised how perfect Sentosa is to explore on a bicycle. And the best part about cycling in Sentosa is that you can make the route as straightforward or complex as possible. Begin your journey from Vivocity's boardwalk and cycle your way in, where you can then take the high ground (a more challenging trail) and see the island from a top view or follow the boardwalk throughout and pass by the beach for a relaxing and chill day out. ?

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12. Chestnut Nature Park

Nature lovers will love the Chestnut Nature Park because of the waterfall you can find here! ? On top of that, its great for appreciating and studying the woodlands because the trees and greenery are in abundance here! For visitors, there are two trail for trekking and biking and both trails are largely forested areas, but if you’re on the Southern Loop, expect to find a lake, a fallen log, rocky paths and more. On the Northern Loop, you can catch a bird’s eye view of the greenery from the Observation Tower.

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Singapore isn't just a modern city with bright lights, it's also a country full of exciting outdoor adventures and many cycling trails that you can explore. Whether alone, with friends or with family, there's always something to do and see regardless of age! Get out of your comfort zone and breathe fresh air with these cycling trails.