11 Best Souvenirs to Buy from Switzerland: A Muslim-Friendly Guide

11 Best Souvenirs to Buy from Switzerland: A Muslim-Friendly Guide


Cheryl Felix •  May 20, 2024

Switzerland is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, rich culture, and high-quality products, making it a haven for souvenir hunters. For us Muslim travellers, finding souvenirs that align with our values and dietary restrictions are equally important! Here’s a guide to the best Muslim-friendly souvenirs to buy from Switzerland.

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1. Swiss Chocolates

Swiss chocolates are world-famous for their exceptional quality and taste. For Muslim travellers, it's important to look for chocolates that are halal-certified or contain no alcohol or animal-based gelatin. Brands like Lindt and Toblerone offer many halal-friendly options. When shopping, check the labels or ask the store staff to ensure the chocolates meet your dietary requirements.

2. Swiss Watches

A Swiss watch is a timeless souvenir that embodies Swiss craftsmanship and precision. Brands like Rolex, Tissot, and Swatch are globally recognised. While they can be a significant investment, these watches are a lasting reminder of your trip to Switzerland. For those seeking a more budget-friendly option, the ever popular Swatch offers a variety of stylish and affordable watches.

3. Cheese

Credit: Cheeses From S3witzerland website

Switzerland is known for its variety of high-quality cheeses. Halal-conscious travellers should look for cheeses made with microbial rennet instead of animal rennet. Popular Swiss cheeses like Emmental, Gruyère, and Appenzeller often come in halal versions. Specialty cheese shops and supermarkets usually carry a selection, and staff can assist in identifying halal-friendly options.

4. Swiss Army Knives

A Swiss Army knife is a practical and iconic souvenir. Brands like Victorinox and Wenger offer a wide range of multifunctional tools. These knives are perfect for daily use and outdoor adventures, making them a thoughtful and useful gift.

5. Cowbells

Credit: Swiss Cowbells on Alpen Schatz website

Cowbells, or "Treichle," are traditional Swiss souvenirs that reflect the country’s agricultural heritage. These decorative bells are often hand-painted and make for a charming keepsake. They come in various sizes and designs, and are a great way to bring a piece of Swiss tradition home.

6. Traditional Swiss Clothing

Credit: Traditional Swiss clothing on studyinginswitzerland.com

For a unique and culturally rich souvenir, consider purchasing traditional Swiss clothing. Items like embroidered blouses, dirndls, or even lederhosen (worn during festivals) can be found in specialty stores. These garments celebrate Swiss heritage and make for distinctive gifts.

7. Wooden Carvings

Swiss wooden carvings, especially those from the region of Brienz, are renowned for their intricate craftsmanship. Popular items include carved animals, music boxes, and decorative household items. These handcrafted pieces are perfect for adding a touch of Swiss artistry to your home.

8. Herbal Teas

Credit: Swiss herbal teas on swisshouse-shop.com

Switzerland offers a variety of herbal teas that make for a relaxing and healthy souvenir. Look for blends that incorporate local herbs and flowers, such as chamomile, peppermint, and alpine flowers. Many shops offer beautifully packaged teas that are perfect for gifting.

9. Honey and Jam

Swiss honey and homemade jams are delightful and delicious souvenirs. They are often produced using traditional methods and local ingredients. When choosing these products, opt for those that are labelled as organic or artisanal to ensure the best quality.

10. Halal Swiss Gourmet Products

For Muslim travellers, Switzerland offers a growing selection of halal gourmet products. Look for specialty stores or sections in supermarkets that feature halal-certified items like dried meats, snacks, and confectioneries. These products provide a taste of Switzerland while adhering to dietary guidelines. Psst, don’t forget to check out our halal restaurant guide in Zurich here!

11. Handmade Chocolates and Pastries

Credit: Swiss chocolates on studyinginswitzerland.com

In addition to packaged chocolates, consider visiting local chocolatiers and bakeries that offer handmade chocolates and pastries. Many of these establishments can customise products to meet halal requirements, providing a unique and personalised souvenir option.

And there you have it! 11 best souvenirs you can bring home from Switzerland that are of high-quality and guaranteed to cater to various tastes and preferences too. From delectable chocolates and exquisite watches to traditional crafts and gourmet foods, there is something for everyone.

So whether you’re buying for yourself or loved ones, these souvenirs are sure to evoke fond memories of your Swiss adventure. Be sure to check out these 6 brands that are cheaper in Switzerland!