10 Group Travel Poses That Will Give You Squad Goals


Ili •  Nov 21, 2019

Easy poses to do by yourself while you’re on the road? Check. Striking fun poses with your other half for cute travel photos? Check. Now, it’s time to level up and start exploring the different kinds of poses you can do as a group!

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While getting a group of people to take a photo can be pretty challenging, let alone coordinate a pose, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way! With this guide, you’ll find that group poses can be fun, exciting and definitely rewarding.

1. The jumpshot

One of the most classic pictures you can take as a group is the jumpshot. There’s nothing better than seeing a perfectly timed photo of everyone frozen in mid air while laughing as they attempt to go against gravity ? By jumping, you’ll be able to see the different personalities of the group shine through as they showcase a variety of jumps like the starfish, the cheerleader and the rockstar.

#HHWTTip: If you’re using a phone, put it in video or burst mode. That way, you’ll be able to pick the frame that captured your jumping pose the best!

2. Create an illusion

Unleash your inner child by trying out poses that will create an optical illusion! As a group, there are endless things you can do to get some of the most unique and clever photos. Get chased by a giant, fly away with an umbrella or show your super strength by having someone punch the ground while everyone else jumps from the force of it ?

This is a fun group activity that will have you putting your brains together to come up with a creative shot of everyone. Sure, you may look a little silly in real-life but you’ll end up getting a great photo with some fun memories behind it ?

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3. Find that symmetry

For perfectionists who are looking to add another insta-worthy picture to their collection, this one’s for you. From buildings and jetties to swimming pools and bridges, locations with clean lines and symmetry can provide a visually pleasing background. 

Once you find a spot with such features, enhance your picture by posing in a symmetric manner as well! Start out by standing in a single line and from there, move around to experiment with different shapes. Whether you’re in a group of odd or even numbers, finding that balance for a perfectly symmetrical photo is achievable and a pose worth doing. 

4. Shine like a star

This is not your average group travel pose, which is exactly the reason why you should do it! Inspired by a group of elderly Chinese women - though they weren’t the originators - the star pose became a viral sensation and a squad goal challenge for people all over the world. Not one to miss out on some fun, the HHWT team gave it a go and although it took some time figuring it out, the end result was worth the effort ? 

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5. Recreate an iconic pose

Think outside the box by re-enacting a scene from your favourite show, film or music video! 

Pull off the famous Charlie’s Angels pose, the legendary street crossing by the Beatles or some moves from the Power Rangers. This adds a special touch to your group photos that will have people singing praises and guessing where the inspiration came from ?

6. Group activity

While traveling, make sure to keep an eye out for activities that cater to groups. From relaxing painting sessions to more adrenaline-filled ones like laser tag, make the most out of these experiences by capturing the moment in action. Not only do you get to enjoy a fun activity together, you’ll be able to seize the opportunity of getting a memorable photo that will last a lifetime. 

7. Lie down

That’s right, the only thing to do here is to lie down. It truly doesn’t get any easier than this! Despite the pose being one of the more simpler ones, the change of perspective gives the photo a more dynamic look that is absolutely captivating. If you want to take this pose to the next level, then fly a drone (responsibly, of course) and take a cool human flat lay photo. 

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8. Tell a story

Every journey has a story worth telling. Whether you’re eating your way through a foreign city, visiting a unique attraction or simply admiring a starry sky, it’s always a good idea to capture these moments and share your experience with the world. 

The best way to do this is by looking at your surroundings. Pinpoint the highlights of the place and let the pictures speak for itself as your group strikes a pose with what the attraction has to offer.   

9. Photo inception

Put a twist on your group photo by taking pictures of your friends or family while they’re busy snapping away on their phones. It may sound difficult to do, but trust us, it’s much easier than you think! 

All you have to do is wait for the perfect time to catch them in the act. This could be moments like visiting a monument, watching a street performance or even capturing insta-worthy food at a restaurant. Surprise the group at the end of your trip by revealing the photo and get a good laugh out of it ?

10. Get in a group hug

If there’s a time to show your affection for close friends and family, it’s right here with the hugging pose. Huddle in for a warm hug as you wrap your arms around your loved ones. If you’re the lucky one in the middle getting embraced from both sides, you can always lean your head towards the person next to you. A pose like this makes for a sweet picture that will remind you of the people you care about in your life ❤️

And there you have it! Some ideas on group travel poses for you to get started on as you go on your next adventure with friends and family.