Cheng Sim •  Mar 01, 2020

I didn't believe my Mum when she said we've been to KL Bird Park as a family. That's because I don't remember anything from that visit. The park was opened in 1991, which means, I was 4 years old then. And if you do the math, you can probably guess my age by now.

Just a 10-minute drive from KL Sentral, KL Bird Park is a family-friendly attraction. There will be kids roaming around, pointing at some strange-looking birds that are as tall as them. Don't let their youth make you feel out of place because you're never too old to visit KL Bird Park - and that's what I learned from my visit. 

Maybe the only sucky thing about my age is that I had to pay an entrance fee that is 4 times more than a toddler's. For Malaysians, the entrance fee for adults is RM25 and for kids is RM6. It opens every day from 9AM to 6PM, including the weekends and school holidays. If you prefer to have the park to yourself, weekdays are perfect.

Getting here is easy via Grab or KL Hop On Hop Off Bus (alight at station 20, in front of the park entrance). If you're driving, there are parking spaces in front of the park, but I recommend coming early to get a spot. 

Honestly, I was pretty blown away by how much greenery this park has. There are enough trees to shade the walkways and I don't remember seeing any steps, which makes it very stroller-friendly. But there's also a chance that I might be too distracted by the exotic birds to notice any steps. 

KL Bird Park claimed to be the world's largest free-flight walk-in aviary, and it was amazing to walk alongside these majestic birds that are usually seen behind cages. 

I've never seen a peacock up close before and they usually spread their feathers to attract a mate. It's very beautiful to look at but also intimidating because it looked like they're about to attack me at any time. So I maintain a fair distance between me and this flirty (and feisty) peacock. 

When I explored more areas in the park, I saw more birds walking around and minding their own business. If I remember correctly, those are yellow-billed storks. They're part of the freshwater birds and have long legs and bills to make it easier for them to drink. You're likely to spot these storks more than any other birds in the park.

The further I walked, the more greenery I saw around me. Whenever I look up to see the huge net, I wondered how long it took for the park to piece those nets together because this place is huge! 

The heart of KL Bird Park is the Flamingo Pond. And it was nice seeing these graceful birds chilling by the man-made waterfall. It was a hot day too, and made me wish that I could go in for a swim. 

Remember the yellow-billed storks I talked about? Here's where they hang out with their friends! These birds don't do much other than standing quietly and drinking water. Well, better that than seeing a muster of storks chasing me with those strong bills. I'll take a relaxed stork any day. 

Another section I liked is called World of Parrots. The macaws, cockatoos, lories and parakeets are placed in a smaller walk-in aviary, and I noticed kids are more excited about this place than anywhere else in the park. Maybe because the birds are smaller, more colourful and friendly. 

Lory is definitely the most popular bird in this section (and the most hungry). The feeding session is between 10AM and 5PM, and you can buy a small cup of milk for RM2. 

Right before the exit, you will come across a photo booth where you can take photos with colourful parrots. You need to pay extra for this, and I saw mostly tourists taking this rare opportunity. 

Overall, I spent almost 2 hours here and it was really fun seeing these birds up close! Since they're very gentle and don't bother visitors that much (unless provoked), it's a lovely place to bring the kids. As long as you  respect and admire these birds from a safe distance, it'll be a good trip for the young and young at hearts.