This Hawker Stall In Singapore Sells The Best Handmade Epok-Epok For Just 50 Cents Each


Syahirah Mazlan •  Aug 16, 2022

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! We all have had recollection of our family members buying Malay kuehs and pastries on their breakfast funs. That's the most quintessential food item to get for those post-breakfast munchies (even if you just ate)! ?One of those food items has got to be Epok-Epok. And today, we're talking about Yang's Epok-Epok in Bedok Food Centre for their delicious and iconic Epok-Epok.

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Yang’s Epok-Epok has quite a history. The store has been running since 1993! ?Back then, they used to sell Nasi Padang but decided to specialise in making Epok-Epok when they realised how busy their customers were and that they needed a grab-and-go food item. And that is how their legacy began as they completely switched to selling Epok-Epok all day!

Visit Yang's Epok-Epok, and you are likely to see one of her family members preparing the ingredients right in front of their stall! The hustle never ends with how popular their snacks are. They will continue to make Epok-Epok throughout the day, taking only a few minutes of break at a time, according to the store owner Ms Yang. Tiring work, but that only serves to prove their dedication to their craft and business which is very endearing! ?

The bestseller at Yang’s Epok-Epok is the one with potato filling. The ratio of filling to pastry is just nice and not too much as a snack. The flavour is fragrant, strong and super savoury thanks to the curry spices added into it! ? Their Potato Epok-Epok often sells out because of how popular it is amongst the locals.

Another type of Epok-Epok they offer is filled with sardines! Bite into a flaky and crispy pastry and get a taste of the slightly spicy but flavourful sardine filling. Cooked in sambal, the sardines have a spicy aroma, but it’s one of the most tasty experiences especially when paired with a crispy pastry on the outside. The buttery crust complements the spice well, so if you’re looking for a snack that has a bit of a kick to it, this is the one!

P.S. As with traditionally made Epok-Epok, the crimping of the outer corners of the crust differs for each kind of Epok-Epok filling so you can tell the difference without having to tear into it to find out. Usually, sardine fillings will be crimped using a fork to make a thin and crispy bite while potato fillings are crimped by hand and look like a pleated wave! ?

Each Epok-Epok costs 50 cents, which is pretty affordable compared to other places that sell the same snack. The best part is that their fried goodies stay crispy for hours so you don’t end up with a soggy and oily pastry. It’s truly a wonder, but we won’t question it because it's so delicious. ? You can also pre-order in advance so you won’t be disappointed when it sells out!

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Yang’s Epok-Epok

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address: Bedok Food Center, 1 Bedok Rd, Singapore 469572

Opening hours: Wed-Sun; 10AM-11PM | Mon-Tue; Closed

Order Online: WhatsApp 8779 8038

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