Review: Is Yakult Singapore's New Yakult Gold As Good As The Original, A Yakult Fan Finds Out


Mardhiah Haslan •  Mar 31, 2023

Yakult has been our favourite childhood drink, some of us, even as adults! We all have gone through 5 bottles in a day and debated which flavour tastes the nicest ? As we grow older, we get more health conscious and if you’re concerned about the sugar level of your beverages, you’ll be excited to know that Yakult Singapore has launched their newest product, Yakult Gold! With the newly implemented mandatory nutrition labels and advertising prohibitions for Nutri-grade beverages, Yakult Gold is the healthier version that tastes just like Yakult Original ?

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As a major Yakult fan, my usual go-to Yakult drink would definitely be the Original and grape-flavoured ones which have a higher sugar content than the Yakult Gold, so I was a little curious about how Yakult Gold would taste since it was the healthier version ?

Safe to say, I was surprised by how similar they taste in comparison to Yakult Original! The Yakult Gold tastes slightly lighter than the Yakult Original but other than that, I think they taste quite close! Better yet, Yakult Gold is a much healthier option so it's perfect for me since I can drink it without worrying about the sugar level ?

If you didn’t know, Nutri-grade B products consist of 5 grams of sugar or less per 100ml and are also fortified with Vitamin D! That means Yakult Gold is perfect if you’re concerned about calories and sugar content ?

Each little bottle of Yakult is packed with L. paracasei strain Shirota, which is a unique probiotic that helps to replenish the friendly bacteria in your digestive system and support intestinal health! ?

Credit: Yakult Singapore

Yakult Gold includes the same quantity of lactic acid bacteria as other Yakult products, so you'll receive the same benefits from it ? For those interested in getting your hands on Yakult Gold, you can get the 5-bottle pack (100ml/bottle) at a retail price of $3.70 per pack!

You can now buy Yakult Gold at supermarkets, convenience stores, and pretty much anywhere you'd find the Yakult Original! You can even get them through home delivery by the iconic Yakult Ladies ?

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Yakult Gold today!


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