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World’s Biggest Hotel With 10,000 Rooms and 70 Restaurants to Open In Mecca in 2018


Atiqah •  Aug 30, 2016


With construction currently underway for the colossal 12-tower hotel, Abraj Kudai is set to be the world's biggest hotel upon its completion. Given how monstrously huge the building is, be rest assured that you'll definitely not be able to miss it the next time you're in Mecca!
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Credit: Dar Group Overlooking the desert, the monumental architecture is valued at a whopping $3.5 billion! Now, the money was definitely not put to waste as the hotel boasts 10 000 rooms and 70 restaurants ? With more than 15 million Muslims around the world visiting Mecca for their pilgrimage, the extra rooms will definitely help in accommodating more in the future. Certain whole floors will be dedicated to members of the Saudi royal family so you might even catch a glimpse of real life nobles!
Credit: Dar Group Guests will also have access to a shopping centre within the hotel, food courts, a bus station, a lavish ballroom and even 4 helipads! The fact that there’ll be helipads is an indication of how luxurious (and expensive) your stay will be? Not too fast though! You’ll have wait a couple more years to even begin dreaming of staying at Abraj Kudai as it is scheduled to be open in 2018. Well, at least you have some time to save up for a night’s stay right? ?