WoolysBagels: Halal Bagels in Singapore For Your Sandwich-Bagel Cravings


Syahirah Mazlan •  Jul 14, 2023

Can't get enough of bagels? Make sure you check out Muslim-owned store, Wooly's Bagels, that serves up classic bagel sandwiches made with some of the most unique ingredients you would have never thought of seeing in a bagel! There are eight bagel-wiches on the menu, including one dessert bagel. Of the seven savoury options, five of them feature thick, creamy scrambled eggs - because eggs and bagels just goes beautifully together!

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The first bagel you should try is definitely the Double Chicken Frizzle. At first glance, it might pass off like your usual McSpicy or even a plain ol' chicken burger, but once you sink your teeth into this chunky burger, we bet it'll change your mind. The star of this bagel would definitely have to be the fried, crunchy chicken cutlets. Paired with the slice of eggy goodness you see in the picture plus a heady mix of ingredients and sauces like jalepeno, parmesan, and nacho cheese sauce, it's truly satisfying, period!

You've seen and (tried) otah buns, but have you tried Wooly's Bagels' version - Otah Kau? Stacks of otah fillets slathered with a mildly spicy sauce and scrambled egg are stuffed in between chewy, soft bagels. It's a blend of flavours and spiciness, so expect a whirlwind of gastronomic adventures in your mouth!

Of course, we're saving the best for the last - Bagel SMORE’S. Roasted gooey marshmallows and Nutella spread in a bagel; could this be the new waffle dessert of today? It's truly perfect for those who love all things sweet, so get ready for a dose of sugar in every bite!

Halal status: Muslim-owned


  • 89 Rangoon Rd, #01-03, Singapore 218375
  • 162 Joo Chiat Rd, #01-02

Opening hours: Daily; 11am- 8.30pm