This Australian Supermarket Will Have Its Own Brand Of Halal Products In Sydney


Atiqah Mokhtar •  Jan 22, 2019

Many of us Muslim travellers have experienced cooking our own food while we travel abroad. Sometimes it’s because prepared halal-food is a bit harder to find, other times it’s because we simply miss the taste of food from home! Plus, cooking is often a cheaper option than eating out ?

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Well, if you’re travelling to Sydney, here’s some great news: local supermarket chain Woolworths will start selling its own brand of halal-certified chicken in select stores beginning May or June of this year!

Credit: Matthew Paul Argall on Flickr

The brand, called Al-Sadiq, will be sold in 20 select stores in Sydney to cater to areas with large Muslim communities ?

Tram passing Woolworths
Credit: David Jackmanson on Flickr

The Al-Sadiq line will be certified by the Islamic Council Of Queensland and all chicken will come from one supplier in Queensland. While the brand will only supply chicken for now, Woolworths is also looking to expand the line to other products in the future ?

Sydney Harbour
So whether you’re already planning a trip to Sydney or thinking of making it your next travel destination, you can be well-assured that your halal food options just got a little wider in this beautiful city down under ?

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