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Wifi Around The World - All In One Map


Sharifah Nawwarah •  Apr 21, 2017


If you're an internet addict like us, you may or may not have gone 'What's your wifi password?' at any point of time, especially while dreadfully waiting for that delayed flight in an airport. Trust me, we've all been there ? For those of you who are always trying to find the airport's wifi, great news as there’s now a map for that! Sounds pretty cool huh? ?
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So, what's included on the map? You'll be able to see each airport with its Wi-Fi name, password and also where travelers should sit to pick up the best signal?

Don't worry, it's not information about how to get those free 30 minutes of Wi-Fi service by watching any advertisement or whatsoever! You'll also be able to download the offline version of this map for $1.99! How convenient?

Just click on the blue planes on the map and you'll get information of the airport name and its Wi-Fi service! There's nothing that will stop you from winning the waiting game now?