This Home-Based Cook Serves Up SG's First-Ever Halal Mini Chwee Kueh


Shasha Dania •  Jul 15, 2020

We wouldn't be surprised if you've never heard of Chwee Kueh before. This Chinese hawker dish is made from steamed rice cake, topped with cai poh (preserved radish) and a generous serving of chilli sauce. While the ingredients are typically Muslim-friendly on their own, it can be difficult to find halal-certified chwee kueh. If you're craving this light and delicious snack, look no further because Whisk by Dyah serves up Singapore's first halal mini chwee kueh! ?

Operating since 2017, this proud 'mumpreneur' is the person to turn to if you're craving this light and easy snack. Her chwee kueh comes in boxes of up to 50 pieces, along with the classic toppings of cai poh and spicy minced beef for an extra kick. ? Apparently the spicy beef really packs a punch - so spice-lovers, this will be a treat for you!

Each piece of chwee kueh is soft and fluffy, and will surely melt in your mouth. While chwee kueh might sound simple, ask anyone who's a fan of them and they'll tell you that getting it so soft can be quite a challenge! The cai poh is sweet, sour, and crunchy too, adding on both flavour and texture to every bite. You can even add on your own chilli or sweet soya sauce for a different taste. ?

Apart from chwee kueh, Whisk by Dyah also has frozen sabsouka and tahu begedil with spicy kicap sauce. Orders for the chwee kueh are only open for limited periods, so do follow their Instagram for the announcement of the next set of sales! They also frequently have group collab sales with other popular home-based cooks so you can get a selection of your favourite dishes at the same time. ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Order via: Instagram DM