What Is El Nino & How Does It Affect Your Travel Plans?


Cheryl Yew •  Jul 27, 2023

Hey there, sun-seeking travelers! With the blazing sun and soaring temperatures, even the Singapore government has taken notice and issued a crucial heat advisory. So, before you pack your bags and set off on your adventures, let us share with you about the reason for this unbearable heat - El Nino and how it affects your travel plans and decisions. 🌞🏖️

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What is El Nino and Why Should You Be Worried?

The El Nino climate phenomenon has made its arrival, bringing with it concerns about extreme weather and temperature records. The last occurrence of El Nino took place in 2018-19; It's like a weather guest that visits us every two to seven years, bringing some interesting changes. When El Nino arrives, it makes the ocean near the equator warmer than usual. This can lead to extreme weather, like heavy rain and droughts, in different parts of the world.

Countries like Australia and Japan have already issued warnings about the effects of El Nino. Australia anticipates warmer and drier days, making it more vulnerable to fierce bushfires. On the other hand, Japan attributes its warmest spring on record partially to the developing El Nino.

Experts are concerned that this summer and the next could witness record temperatures on land and in the sea. The El Nino effect has been associated with many of the warmest years on record.

How Does It Affect Your Travel Plans?

Ultimately, while El Nino can add a level of uncertainty to your travel plans, being well-informed and prepared can help you navigate its effects and ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.

The destinations you plan to visit may experience extreme and unpredicted weather conditions like heavy rain or drought, hottest of Summers and even floods caused by rising sea levels.

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If you're planning a trip, keep an eye on El Nino's impact on your destination. It could cause unexpected weather changes, so stay informed with weather advisories. And hey, if you're traveling to places that are already hot, be prepared for even hotter temperatures during El Nino. Drink lots of water, wear comfy clothes, and plan your activities wisely.

By staying informed and ready, you can enjoy a fantastic trip even with El Nino around! Happy travels, adventurers!