Everything You Can Eat At ARTBOX Singapore 2024

The Ultimate Halal Food Guide To ARTBOX Singapore 2024


Qistina Roslan •  Jan 26, 2024

ARTBOX Singapore 2024 is back with more things to do! From KTV lounges to art and crafts, and even painting chocolate, they now have 14 halal stalls that you can patronise!

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Where is the Halal Section?

The halal food section is all congregated at the end of the food alleyway, right next to the SGAG stage. So while you're having fun watching people compete, you'll be able to grab a bite to eat and chope one of the many pallet seatings around.

To get there, head to the SGAG stage and turn left. All the stalls have a green signboard!

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Food stalls

There are a ton of them, so we'll list down the ones that you can grab! From Japanese to Western, and even Pani Puri, take your pick on the plethora of food offered!

  • 373 Thai Tea
  • Chai O'Clock
  • Satay Of CikDok
  • Captain Mango
  • An-nur Pizza
  • Fate of Potatoes
  • Johnny Bergs
  • Mukshidonna
  • Loco Loco
  • The Fab Five
  • Sushi Taco, Tempura, Upeh
  • Meat My Meat
  • Motor Folks Gelato

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