9 Best Wedding Photographers In Singapore That Will Capture Your Day Perfectly


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  May 09, 2023

Getting the right wedding photographer for your special day can be tough. Especially if both you and your partner have a certain image of what your want your wedding photos to look like. From photography styles to editing styles, you need everything to go just right. If you're looking for the best wedding photographers that Singapore has to offer, we've got you covered. HHWT has gathered 9 photography giants that'll capture your special day perfectly.

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Best Wedding Photographers In Singapore

1. Natasha Kasim Photography

Credit: Natasha Kasim Photography 

Capturing all your right angles, Natasha Kasim Photography is one of HHWT's top choices for wedding photographers in Singapore! From guiding your poses (for the camera-shy) to snapping all the right moments, Natasha Kasim's one of your best bets.

Natasha Kasim also has photo/video invitation card packages for you to send out incredibly aesthetically-pleasing invitations to your loved ones!

P.S. She's known best for the way her photos balance out both calm and liveliness ?

Natasha Kasim Photography


2. Miamorements

For fresh-looking captures and simplicity in planning your wedding, Miamorements is the way to go. Offering photo, video and live stream services alongside partnerships like henna, makeup artists and florists, you get everything in one with Miamorements!

With the pandemic still ongoing, Miamorement's best-selling package is their 4-hour Intimate Package. Perfect for small, intimate weddings, the package includes photography, videography and edited soft copies of your special day for you to download!

If you're having a longer wedding, opt for their 10-hour combo. Not only does it come with all of the above, but you could also take home a canvas frame or photo book of your special day. Miamementos, anyone?



3. Nasir Alkaff Pictures

Also known as the #ArabianHitman, Nasir Alkaff's photos will delight as he captures the best, intimate moments! Full of emotion, his pictures tell a story. So if you're looking for someone to specially curate and craft your wedding day into a narrative perfect for you to look back on, Nasir Alkaff might just be your best shot (pun intended ?). 

If you're looking to book his services, just drop him a personal message on his Instagram!

Nasir Alkaff Pictures


4. Roam The Hills

Candids, anyone? ? This one's for the lively couples who love to dance and celebrate their day. Specialising in movement shots and capturing you at your happiest, Roam The Hills is perfect for any couple looking for natural poses and loads of laughter. 

From spinning each other around to dancing and picking each other up, Roam The Hills will capture you at your best: happy and enjoying life!

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One of their best selling wedding packages is their 10hour wedding + 1.5hour pre-wedding packages. So if you're looking for a fun video to showcase at your wedding, Roam The Hills might just be your photographers and videographers of choice!

Roam The Hills 


5. Airisu

Looking for photos that give off a magical, dreamy vibe? Airisu is for you! Their photos look like snapshots from a romance movie. ?

If you hire them, expect beautifully captured shots of your day! You can book a wedding package for up to 14 hours - imagine that! No worries about add-ons and extra charges, Airisu's packages are perfect for any type of wedding, big or intimate.

Airisu's simple and minimalist captures are far from easy - yet they pull it off amazingly! Snapshots off your best moments for your wedding day, who wouldn't want that?



6. Colossal Weddings

Looking for wedding photographers that can photograph you in any mood, vibe or atmosphere? Colossal Weddings is the way to go! A colossal (hehe, sorry) giant in the industry, Colossal Weddings definitely knows their way around a camera.

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Their services include Actual Day Wedding Photography that is fully customisable (wew! ?), pre or post-wedding photography, casual couple sessions and more ? If you're looking to complete your Colossal Weddings experience, try their Colossal Silver package, an all-inclusive package perfect for any wedding day.

Colossal Weddings 


7. Love Me Tender

Love Me Tender is a small company of close friends who specialise in both wedding photography and films. With a street photography philosophy, their wedding photos have a ''quietly magical'' vibe to them, almost like it came out from an Indie movie trailer! 

The best part? They prioritise determining that they are the right fit for you, so you know you're in the good hands of people who genuinely care that you have the perfect photo for your wedding day! Offering both photography and videography services, their packages come in tiers of flexible hours. That way, your wedding won't be rushed and you and your partner can enjoy your special day with no worries ?

Love Me Tender 


8. The Honey Oaks

Looking for photographers that will specially curate your photography shoots to fit your vibe? The Honey Oaks has your back! Their Instagram is filled with couples of different personalities and energies, all wonderfully captured by The Honey Oaks team.

If you're interested in hiring them for an intimate wedding, you have to consider their 5-hour package which comes with a wooden keepsake box and art prints! They also partner up with @themovingcapsule for videography, so you can have complete coverage of your wedding.

P.S. This includes a 15-second highlight that's perfect for your Instagram!?

The Honey Oaks 


9. Fokus

For lovingly curated shots of your amazing day, you might want to go with FOKUS.SG! Their motto, ''Capturing sentiments, only the heart can feel'', can definitely be seen in their snapshots. From special, intimate moments, to loud, fun, lively experiences, FOKUS.SG manages to capture them all.

With photography, videography and bridal services, you'll definitely get the complete deal with Fokus!