5 Simple Ways To Upskill Yourself In Singapore This 2021


Faruq Senin •  May 02, 2021

[Updated: 24 May 2021]

Part of being a Muslim is striving to become a better version of ourselves. What better way to do that than by learning something new and upskilling yourself? Learning is also a form of ibadah, and with the COVID-19 pandemic and the job landscape continuously changing, it’s important for you to seek knowledge and learn new skills. 

Several national initiatives and community programmes were launched in Singapore in 2020 to support local jobseekers amidst the pandemic situation. Whether you’re looking for a new course for personal development or looking to advance your career, check out these 5 ways to upskill yourself this 2021! 

Community programmes

To support Malay/Muslim workers with the necessary skills to remain employed, targeted programmes have been implemented by M³, a collaborative effort between MENDAKI, MUIS and MESRA. These programmes are run by Mendaki SENSE, one of the agencies in M³ which looks into employment and employability issues affecting the community. 

1. For women who want to rejoin the workforce

Credit: Mendaki SENSE

For women who have left the workforce for 6 months or more due to personal commitments, getting back on their feet might be a little hard to do. That’s why it’s important to equip yourself with relevant skills that’ll help you build your professional confidence. 

The Back-to-Work Women programme by Mendaki SENSE facilitates women returning to the workforce and connects them to hiring industries. Some of the things you’ll get to experience are career and training advisory as well as workshops on financial literacy and health & wellness. Once you’re trained, you’ll also get access to job-matching and tracking, invitation to job fairs and post-programme support. 

Find out more about Back-to-Work Women here. 

2. For PMETs looking to widen their skills

Credit: Mendaki SENSE

Looking to move up in your job or hoping to do a career switch? That’s when upskilling becomes even more crucial, especially if you’re a PMET (Professional, Managers, Executives and Technicians) who’s been affected by the economy. 

From networking sessions to free professional development courses, career coaching and job fairs, there are plenty of opportunities to upskill yourself. One programme you can sign up for is the Brown Bag Series by Mendaki SENSE. It’s a professional outreach session where industry experts will share short introductions on topics like technology and professional branding. No matter where you are in your career, you’ll be able to develop a passion for lifelong learning! 

Find out more about Brown Bag Series here. 

With the changing economy and job landscape, it’s important to remain adaptable and agile. Mendaki SENSE’s #JUMP initiative sums it up perfectly as these programmes will help you acquire Job Opportunities, Upskilling, Mobility and Professional Development (JUMP). So, don’t be afraid to #JUMP into another industry which you might be unfamiliar with!

3. For seniors who want to be more tech-savvy

Credit: Mendaki SENSE on Facebook

As they always say, learning is a never-ending journey. Who says you can’t learn new skills in your golden years? With the age of digital technology, it’s even more important for seniors to keep up with the times. 

If you’re a senior yourself or helping a loved one to upskill, there’s a wide range of digital courses for seniors on Mendaki SENSE! From basic digital skills like Using Whatsapp and Navigating Around Singapore to Social Media Fundamentals, online shopping and Staying Safe Online, these courses will help seniors be more independent. The good news is that there’s subsidy for those aged 55 and above and course fees can be as cheap as just $5! What’s more, you can enroll in these courses using your SkillsFuture credits, so you can upskill without having to fork out a lot of money. 

Find out more about digital courses for seniors here(Click on Digital Literacy > Tech Skills for Seniors)

National Programmes

4. SGUnited Skills Initiative

For fresh graduates, soon-to-be graduates and those who are unemployed, equipping yourself with skills that are in demand is essential to remain employable. Thanks to the SGUnited Skills Programme which has been extended to 31 March 2022, there are training courses to help you gain the necessary skills across different sectors, especially in the sunrise industries. 

Whether you’re looking to brush up on digital marketing, infocomm, cybersecurity or finance, you’ll be able to find a course that’s suitable for you. During the course, you can apply the skills learnt through workplace immersion and industry projects. What’s great is that you can use your SkillsFuture credits to offset course fees and you’ll also get a monthly training allowance of $1200. Check out the courses here.

5. Tech Immersion and Placement Programme

Whether you are in the middle of a career or a fresh graduate, switching industries is normal. This is even more so with the changing job landscape. As the world becomes more digitally connected, tech jobs are increasingly in demand. The Tech Immersion and Placement Programme (TIPP) helps to convert non-ICT (information and communications technology) professionals into ICT professionals who’ll be ready for the industry. Through intensive and immersive training courses, mentorship and coaching programmes with industry experts, you’ll be prepared to take on new roles such as web developers, mobile app developers, user experience designers and agile software developers. Find out more here

Whether you were recently retrenched, newly graduated, looking for a career switch or just seeking to upgrade yourself, there are plenty of upskilling programmes you can sign up for. Plus, these programmes are either complimentary or subsidised through using your SkillsFuture credits. Most importantly, you’ll be more adaptable, able to #JUMP into a new industry and remain employable in the current economy and tide through the impact of COVID-19. 

This article is brought to you by Mendaki SENSE.