5 Unusual McFlurry Flavours Around The World You Should Try


Qistina Bumidin •  Jan 06, 2022

Mcdonald’s has brought back their pandan desserts range! Their Pandan McFlurry, in particular, is a hit for us Singaporeans. ? Pandan itself is truly a unique flavour to have in an ice cream, so it got us thinking what are some of the most unique (and bizarre) McFlurry flavours out there in the world! We found 5 that truly surprises us, and we think you would be too! We also added an interesting, bizarre sundae from Mcdonald’s which you have to know! Read on to find out more!

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Unique McFlurry Flavours Around The World

1. Pineapple Oreo McFlurry, Colombia

Credit: @Mcdonalds for Twitter

It’s simply the Oreo McFlurry as you know it, just with a bit of pineapple to the mix. Tangy pineapple and crumbly Oreo pieces mixed in with vanilla ice cream? That’s … interesting … ? We might find it a little odd, but this has been a major hit in Colombia and many other Latin American countries! Would you be up to try it?

2. Pumpkin Oreo McFlurry, Japan

Credit: McDonald’s Japan

Released as a limited-edition McFlurry for Halloween, this McFlurry mixes pumpkin-flavoured ice cream, Oreo cookie crumbs and a pumpkin spice drizzle! Pumpkin is both sweet and spicy, and we never thought of having spice in our ice cream. But if you swear by the mantra, ‘Spice Is Life’, this might be to your liking! Since Starbucks already brings back Pumpkin Spice Latte, perhaps Mcdonald’s Singapore might want to consider this? ?

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3. Lime and Choc McFlurry, South Africa

Credit: @McDonalds_SA for Twitter

We all heard of chocolate and orange, but chocolate and lime? Now that is truly exotic! Lime has a very fresh, acidic taste, and if you mix it with the chocolate, it helps cut through the sweet chocolate, for a balanced sweet-sour taste. Then again, if chocolate and orange already isn't your thing, chocolate and lime definitely isn’t for the faint-hearted. We’re not sure if it’s still going on though, do let us know! ?

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4. Red Fruit Meringue McFlurry, the Netherlands

Credit: Mcdonald’s (Heteren) for Facebook

We’re heading to Europe now, and this is one of the most interesting flavours we’ve seen: the Red Fruit Meringue McFlurry! It’s a combination of creamy soft serve ice cream with bits of strawberry, cranberry and strawberry sauce, and finished with pink and white meringue! By far, this might be the prettiest one for us (sorry, I’m a little biased to anything pink ?), and we imagine the taste must be as sweet as it looks! ☺️

5. Chocolate Nanaimo McFlurry, Canada

Credit: Canada Alyoum كندا اليوم for Facebook

You don’t have to travel all the way to the North, because you can simply taste Canada in a cup! ?? The Nanaimo bar is a no-bake bar dessert named after the city of Nanaimo, British Columbia. It made with three layers of pure decadence: graham cracker-coconut base, sweet custard filling in the middle, and a chocolate ganache layer on top. 

The McFlurry crumbles up the bar and mixes it with vanilla ice cream, with fudge sauce poured all over! This is simply heaven for chocolate lovers, although we’re thinking that it may a little too sweet for those with a sweet tooth! Unfortunately, it was only available for a limited time only, but here's to hoping they will bring it back for us to try one day! ?

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Bonus: Sundaes with Pirouettes at Brazil

Credit: @McDonalds_BR for Twitter

It’s a multi-tiered chocolate sundae with farofa and rolled chocolate wafers, which are the pirouettes. The mindblowing part of this sundae is the use of farofa. Farofa is a toasted manoic/cassava flour mixture (lower-calorie, gluten-free flour) and it’s served as a side dish for meats, beans, feijoada (black bean stew). So basically, you're eating healthy ice cream, and we're definitely down for it! ?

We know there’s still more out there (we Singaporeans know we have some very interesting ones of our owns), so if you spot one share with us! Here's to hoping that Mcdonald's would either keep or bring back these flavours because they are literally so unique, and we definitely want to try them ALL! ?