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Unleash Your Inner Shopaholic At These 10 Cities


Umi Amirah •  Nov 11, 2016


‘Why do you shop so much?’ –said no one ever. Feeling happy? Shop. Feeling stressed? Shop. Even when we travel the world, we shop. Here are 10 amazing cities that are well-known to let you shop till you drop!
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1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping mall and is the number one shopping destination for Muslim travellers, according to the Muslim Travel Shopping Index 2015. It has over 1,200 retail outlets, 160 food and beverage outlets (all of it is halal!), and even a theme park, an aquarium, and an indoor ski resort. I’ve personally visited this place before and it truly feels like a one-stop shop for all ages.
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Nishat Khan on Flickr The Gold Souk is also famous. The shops are all lined up with massive amounts of gold jewellery. They glitter magnificently as you walk pass and try to lure you in to buy it. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but gold is everyone’s best friend! Prayer rooms and halal food are readily available in Dubai.
Marcia O’Connor on Flickr#HHWT tip: Visit Dubai in January and February to be part of the annual Dubai Shopping Festival – up to 70% discounts, and fireworks!
2. Seoul, South Korea
There’s no limit to how much you can shop here, whether day or night, or by cash or credit! Did you know it’s illegal for any merchant to reject your credit card, no matter how low the price? The law is definitely on your side, all you shopaholics!
seoulstateofmind If you’re a fan of HHWT, you know that we ‘Seoul’ got you covered! In the day, visit the underground shopping malls at Bupyeong and Gangnam for some budget shopping, Munjeongdong-Rodeo Street for major discounts, and Garosu-gil and Cheongdam-dong Fashion Street to purchase luxurious items. For the night owls, try out your bargaining skills at Dongdaemun Retail & Wholesale for the latest and trendiest clothes.
aliensdayout For some traditional Korean goods, the Globe Shopper index recommends the Seoul Folk Flea Market and the Gyeondong Market too. [Check out HHWT’s Ultimate Guide To Shopping in Korea and Dongdaemun Friendly Travel Guide!]
3. London, United Kingdom
Credit: Giphy If a British asks you their favourite question, aka ‘How’s the weather?’, this should be your answer: The weather is perfect for shopping! With cool temperatures in London, shopping is a breeze as you hunt for unique independent labels at Camden market. You’ll be able to find not only designer and vintage fashion but antiques and thrift stores as well. If you’re a part of fandoms like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games or Game of Thrones, Camden market sells all sorts of accessories and t-shirts belonging to these fandoms!
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samchills on Flickr You will definitely find new buys at every corner of London, with their unique mix of local department stores like Liberty Mall at Regent Street and Harrods at Knightsbridge, as well as international brands like Selfridges, Nike and Topshop at Oxford Street. Personally, Harrods is my favourite place with 7 floors of things that you never knew you actually wanted in your life. [caption id="attachment_14219" align="alignnone" width="900"]
Iconic Bears at Harrods![/caption] [Uncover Britain’s Best Kept Shopping Secrets, and other unexpected places to shop in London.] #HHWT Tip: Find nearby halal food places at Oxford Street here.
4. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur is a great mix of high quality shopping with affordable prices and extended sales. Three of the world’s largest malls are in KL, which includes 1 Utama and Sunway Pyramid. 1 Utama comes with a massive indoor rock climbing facility and a rooftop garden filled with 500 species of exotic plants. More high-end luxury malls are lined up at Bukit Bintang as well, so you can take you pick based on your budget.
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nalm fadil on Flickr Mid Valley Megamall and Petaling Street Market are known for its affordable shopping as well. For those that absolutely adore unique pieces, visit Peter Hoe Beyond, a warehouse store that sells housewares, silverware, furniture and clothing designed by the Malaysian designer himself!
5. Bangkok, Thailand
If you’re up for the ultimate outdoor street market fun, Bangkok is the place to be. Check out Chatuchak Weekend Market and its hip flea market neighbour, JJ Green. Chatuchak is famous for its maze-like layout that’s filled to the brim with fashionable items including home-grown clothing labels and handbags. Meanwhile, JJ Green has more street foods, souvenirs and vintage items like old-school Nintendos. Game on!
Nicholas Chan on Flickr Also visit Platinum Mall and modern street market Asiatique the Riverfront, that comes with a huge Ferris wheel. Take a short break from the intense shopping when you’re there! As an icing on the cake, there are halal food stalls and a mosque near Asiatique along Charoen Krung road.
cavinteo [Check out 6 street markets in Bangkok for us shopaholics here.] #HHWT Tip: Platinum Mall also has a well-equipped prayer room for Muslims.
6. Tokyo, Japan
One word: Shinjuku. The shopping experience here makes you feel like royalty. Isetan’s flagship store in Shinjuku has English, Chinese and Korean-speaking staff to assist you and you can ask for shopping tips from their shopping consultants. If you can’t decide between those pair of heels or sneakers, you know who to ask.
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Credit: Kevin Poh on Flickr Just because you feel like royalty while shopping, does not mean that you have to fork out as much money as them. Tokyo is Asia’s fourth-cheapest shopping city according to the Globe Shopper City Index. Check out other famous stores like Takashimaya Times Square, Lumine and Odakyu in Shinjuku too.
Credit: Giphy With so many major shopping options in this vicinity, what are you waiting for?
7. New York, US
Yann Gar on Flickr Forget Fifth Harmony. Fifth Avenue has existed and thrived as the original go-to shopping attraction in New York. Classics like Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany’s and Bergdorf Goodman are still famous in the scene.
Credit: Giphy I’m kidding. I love Fifth Harmony. In New York, you can find an extensive variety of stores, labels and outlets, including the 24-hour flagship Apple store. Price ranges are flexible, and you can find all sorts of fashion styles all within a one-block radius.
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8. Paris, France
Credit: @zachasato on Instagram Paris is known as the city of lights, but I like to call it… the city of style. Their most famous shopping street is Avenue des Champs Elysées, renowned for its high-end stores along Montmartre. Some of these boutiques have stood through generations, which makes it the perfect location to enjoy both history and style.
Wikimedia Commons Other shopping streets in Paris includes Rue de Passy, Boulevard Haussmann, Centre Pompidou and Avenue des Ternes. #HHWT Tip: Tilal, a Lebanese cuisine restaurant, is located near Centre Georges Pompidou. They serve halal meat and is located in the shopping area.
9. Madrid, Spain
Credit: Giphy Spain is not only well known for soccer, they are increasingly garnering attention for their variety of shops. There is something for every shopping personality in Madrid. Visit Plaza Mayor or Calle Ribera de Curtidores every Sunday to catch some great bargains at their flea markets.
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Antiques and furniture are located at Galerias Piquer near the Rastro. Rastro is a street market in the centre of the city, which is their shopping hub on Sundays! For those shopaholics that are keen on outlet shops, check out Las Rozas village outlet.
10. Singapore
Singapore is not only obsessed over food, they are also obsessed with shopping! With the plethora of air-conditioned shopping centres as well as flea markets and pasar malams, Singapore is a vibrant shopping hub. The Global Muslim Travel Index ranked Singapore as the number one city to visit in 2016 among non-Muslim countries. #SGPride
10 Best
Michael Gwyther-Jones on Flickr Our shopping street is located at Orchard Road, which has at least 20 shopping malls that sells both affordable and luxury items. The best of both worlds? Definitely! Visit Bugis Street for both inexpensive and hipster stuff and drop by 24/7 everything-is-there Mustafa Centre too. Jurong East is an upcoming shopping hub, so you will never run out of places to shop. Why not pay a visit to the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands too?
Dion Hinchcliffe on Flickr#HHWT Tip: There are 13 musholla sites available along the whole stretch of Orchard road, including the Al-Falah mosque. There are many other cities out there waiting to be discovered as the next best shopping cities. So, if you happen to find any amazing shopping cities, let us know in the comments below!