Here’s How Muslims In The UK Are Contributing To COVID-19 Relief Efforts


Shasha Dania •  May 12, 2020

In times like this, a little good news goes a long way! ? We recently covered some notable Muslims worldwide who are contributing to their countries' fight against COVID-19 and it's inspiring to see so many of them going above and beyond to do their part even during the fasting month. Today, we're shining the light on some of the efforts by Muslims in the United Kingdom!

Credit: NHS PPE Campaign by LOft25/GLMCC on Facebook

The Green Lane Masjid in Birmingham is one mosque that has been helping at both community and national levels. Not only have they partnered with local manufacturer Loft 25 to produce Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for front line healthcare workers, but they're also helping with the delivery of the PPE! ?

The mosque has also helped to support community efforts against the virus by working with suppliers and partners such as Islamic Relief to ensure that vulnerable members are able to receive essential groceries and supplies throughout this time. They've even set up a funeral service within the mosque itself to accommodate victims waiting to be buried. ? While many of these efforts began before Ramadan started, learning of their volunteers' continued efforts even while fasting definitely inspires us to reach out to our own communities.

And it's not just the Green Lane Masjid either - across the UK from Scotland to Manchester to London, dozens of mosques and Muslim charities are holding fundraisers, organising food and donation drives, and delivering meals and essentials to those who need them most. At a time when Muslim communities in the UK are some of the hardest hit by the virus, the true giving spirit of Islam shines through in their efforts. ❤️