6 Unique Recipes You Can Make To Impress Everyone At Home With


Ili •  Dec 15, 2020

Are you planning a year-end gathering at home with your loved ones? Well, we've already got you covered with a list easy and delicious meals you can whip up. But if you're looking to make something a little extra special, why not take a look at the recipes below that are sure to impress your family and friends. Time to level up your skills in the kitchen and wow everyone at home ?

1. Focaccia garden

Focaccia is an Italian flatbread that's super easy to make and one of the trends that made a wave during the height of lockdowns across the world is focaccia bread art! While it's common to scatter herbs like rosemary or parsley on focaccia, a baker named Teri Culletto in Massachusetts (known as Vineyard Baker on Instagram!) helped popularise focaccia loaves decorated with vegetables, herbs, olives and other ingredients to create beautiful garden focaccia landscapes. Get into more details of how to make this beautiful bread in this article where we've also included a halal focaccia recipe as well.

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2. Edible floral cookie

If you’re an avid baker or passionate about eating desserts (we’re more of the latter ?‍), then you probably know that there are plenty of things you can garnish a cookie with. Chocolate chips, icing sugar, rainbow sprinkles, sea salt flakes - the list is endless! But have you ever heard of cookies being topped with real flowers? Yes, you read that right! Using edible flowers as a decoration on desserts like cookies is a thing and we’re definitely here for it. For anyone who wants to take their baking game to the next level, get ready to make some of the prettiest bakes using this edible flower cookie recipe! ?

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3. Cloud egg

Cloud eggs are dreamy nests of whipped egg whites with an egg yolk centre resembling fluffy clouds on a sunny day ? With grated cheese folded into the egg whites as well, this dish has automatically shot to the top of our list for breakfast options. Pair it with some toasted bread, a bagel or even slices of avocado and you've got yourself the perfect meal to start your day. So if you're ready to bring the visuals and flavours to your table, this easy cloud egg recipe will help you get started.

4. Tornado egg

Eggs are one of the most basic but versatile ingredients to cook with. Whether you boil, poach, bake, steam or fry them, it's definitely a fun way to experiment in the kitchen and test your chef skills ?‍? For those who are looking to take it to the next level, we've got the perfect thing for you and that's the Korean tornado omelette!  As one part of an omurice dish, making the egg portion requires technique and that's where the exciting (and potentially frustrating) challenge lies. If you're ready to take on this impressive-looking dish, read this recipe article to see how you can create it at home ?

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5. Japanese fluffy pancakes

Japanese fluffy pancakes (also known as souffle pancakes) are soft pillowy treats that take this popular breakfast food up to dessert heaven. Similar to Japanese cheesecake, these pancakes involve separating the egg yolks from the egg whites and beating the egg whites into a meringue that's folded into the batter, thus giving it that irresistible airy texture. It's the perfect treat to whip up for dessert or an extra special breakfast - if you have a hand mixer they aren't much more complicated than your regular pancakes! So it's time to make this easy halal Japanese fluffy pancake recipe and level up your pancake game.

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6. Shibuya toast

Imagine this: A honey-coated loaf of milk bread filled with crispy, toast bites topped using fresh fruits, ice cream and swirls of whipped cream ? If that sounds like heaven to you, then the highly popular Shibuya honey toast (also known as brick toast) should definitely be next on your list of desserts to make. While this Japanese sweet treat may sound extravagant and complex to make, it’s actually simple to do on your own! Using this easy Shibuya honey toast recipe, get ready to draw all the oohs and ahhs from everyone at home as you serve this show-stopping dish ?

With these one-of-a-kind recipes, there's no going back to making regular dishes ?

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