JUST IN: UNIQLO Will Be Launching Its AIRism Masks In Singapore Soon


Faruq Senin •  Aug 14, 2020

Those of you who are familiar with Japanese clothing retailer UNIQLO might have heard of its famous AIRism line which is known for its smooth and breathable material. A couple of weeks ago, UNIQLO released its AIRism face masks in Japan. It has just announced that it will launch the AIRism Mask at all stores in Singapore on 24 August 2020, including online at UNIQLO.com!

If you already own a couple of AIRism t-shirts, you can soon wear AIRism masks too! Here are some of the features of the AIRism mask:

1. It has a unique triple-layer structure which enhances performance

Credit: UNIQLO

The first layer is a mesh fabric, a breathable material that's smooth on the skin; the centre layer is a nano-filter which has a 99% efficiency of blocking bacteria and pollen while the third and final layer has UV Cut UPF50+, which means it only allows 1/50th of the sun's UV radiation to pass through it ?

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2. It'll retain high-protection filtering even after washing

Yes, you can wash the AIRism mask with a regular household detergent and it's also been tested that the quality of the filter inside the mask will not be compromised after washing it.

Credit: UNIQLO

3. It's more comfortable than non-woven or cotton masks

Since most of us are out and about more frequently now, it's essential for us to have a comfortable mask. The AIRism Mask is silky smooth on the skin and you won't feel like it's stuffy while wearing it. It's also very light and thin, and you'd definitely be able to breathe better.

4. It will be available in three sizes and two colours

UNIQLO has created the following three sizes and you can buy whichever you prefer:

  • Size S: 18cm x 12cm (For children)
  • Size M: 22cm x 14cm (For small adult faces)
  • Size L: 23cm x 14.5cm (For regular adult dimensions)

Credit: UNIQLO

It'll also be available in black and white. 1 pack will contain 3 masks of the same colour and size. Each pack will be priced at $14.90 and the daily purchase limit per person is 1 pack of AIRism Mask for every size and colour.

Credit: UNIQLO

So, mark 24 August 2020 on your calendars and get the AIRism masks when they are out! SHARE this piece of great news with your friends and family! Now, who says you can't wear functional masks in style? ?