Umrah For Malaysians In 2021: Here Are Details You Should Know & Umrah Packages Available


Siti Aishah Ahmad •  Nov 21, 2021

Since 18 Oct 2021, Malaysians are allowed to perform the Umrah! Seeing the Kaabah circled by Muslims is a beautiful sight to see. Despite the ongoing global pandemic, many pilgrims have reached the holy land after the Saudi Arabian have allowed Muslims to enter again. If you're planning to perform your Umrah, here are some important details you should know and travel agencies available ☺️

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What You Should Know About Umrah In 2021

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For fully vaccinated visitors, you won't need to undergo a quarantine period upon arrival in Saudi Arabia if you've been vaccinated with vaccines recognized by the kingdom and WHO. Those who received two doses of Sinovac should receive another booster shot from the vaccines approved by them. For more information, read this article here! We've listed down more things you should know about performing Umrah nowadays.

Looking for a travel agent to help you with your Umrah? We've compiled some for you! Here are 7 agents who are providing Umrah services for 2021 and 2022 ?

1. Tiram Travel Sdn Bhd

From RM5990 to RM6990, Tiram Travel Sdn Bhd offers Uumrah packages where Umrah visa, meals 3 times a day, Umrah accessories and PCR test in Saudi Arabia are included. Based in Johor and Kuala Lumpur, Tiram Travel has other agents across Malaysia to ease registration process for other people in different states. Check out their Facebook post on the Umrah packages to know more.

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2. Andalusia Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd

Andalusia Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd provides Umrah packages where prices vary starting from RM8090. This company is among the popular choices for people who wish to perform Umrah. Do check out their website or Facebook for latest updates on their services!

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3. Tabung Haji Travel

A list of Umrah packages without mentioning Tabung Haji is imcomplete! It is a finance company that acts as the Malaysian hajj pilgrims fund board. People invest with them to save money for hajj. If you're looking for Umrah packages by TH, they have a few and reservations are open currently to perform Umrah up until March 2022. Prices start from RM8290 where meals, transportation, PCR test in Saudi Arabia and Umrah kits among other things are included. Head over to their website or look at this Facebook post to understand more of the packages they offer.

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4. Tripfez Travel

From RM6990, Tripfez Travel might be offering the perfect Umrah package for you. Some of the benefits of their packages are Covid-19 insurance and PCR test in Saudi Arabia, and you'll get a personal mutawif for your group to guide you during Umrah. Read their Facebook post to find more information about their packages or you can also click to the website.

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5. Felda Umrah

Felda Umrah provides complete Umrah packages for pilgrims as well as free Umrah courses! From RM6990 to RM8990, there are various packages to suit your needs. Keep updated with their latest updates on Umrah through Facebook or their website.

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6. Emraz Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd

Emraz Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd offers 4 different Umrah packages that starts from RM6990. Every packages includes a PCR test in Saudi Arabia, insurance, 3 meals per day and more! If you wish to know more, check out their Facebook or website.

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