The Ultimate Guide To Halal Food In New Zealand


Nur Adawiyati •  Apr 27, 2018

We have all packed our bags, taken our flight and landed on the amazing land of the Kiwis! Hunger pangs are starting to kick in - there’s no time to lose and it’s time to eat!

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We’ll also be providing you some halal butchers for all you budget travellers who want to save a little cash and eat in. So, you ready for our NZ foodie adventure?

P.S. Unsure of how to begin your NZ adventure? Check this North Island itinerary out!

North Island


Ah, Auckland, the main city of New Zealand. Most international flights will lead you directly to the Auckland Airport, and hence it only makes sense to begin our foodie adventure here!

1. Grills and Shakes

Once you’ve landed in Auckland, head straight over to Grills and Shakes. Aptly named, they’re known for serving amazing grills and over 60 different kinds of shakes! Once you’ve tried their shakes, we guarantee there’s no going back.

Credits: Grills and Shakeson Facebook

Some of their all-time favourite shakes are: Nutella, Caramel Walnut and Cookie Caramel Slice! If you’re not feeling like stuffing yourself with insane amounts of sugar, cream and all things yummy and sweet, they also serve protein smoothies/shakes! For those who are vegan, you may also opt for almond or soy milk and some of their vegan-friendly flavours.

Credits: Grills and Shakeson Facebook

Credits: Grills and Shakes on Facebook

Moving on now to the savoury stuff, they serve flatbreads and you can choose from tons of toppings! From their chicken pesto to modern Greek flatbreads, everything served will be delightful. They also serve pulled chicken burgers and kofta lamb wraps.

Credits: Grills and Shakes on Facebook

Address: 473 New North Rd, Kingsland, Auckland 1021, New Zealand

Opening Hours: Weekdays: 12PM-10PM | Weekends: 11AM-10PM

Contact: +64 9849 2794


2. Paradise Indian Food

Next, you may head over to Paradise Restaurant to get your Indian buffet fix. Paradise serves a wide variety of Indian food, specialising in briyanis and their oven clay kebabs! Other than that, customers are also loving their buffet menu.

Credits: Paradise Restaurant on Facebook

They serve various kinds of briyanis; dam briyani, hyderabadi briyani and kofta briyani just to name a few. If you’re not intending to stuff yourself silly with briyani, try their fusion of Indo Chinese food, with dishes such as Harabhara Chicken (chicken served in herbs and green sauce) and Chicken Manchurian.

Credits: @bobby_boooo on Instagram

One thing that sets Paradise apart from other restaurants is their Free Food corner. It’s a section specifically made for those who are in need. They give away food they’re unable to sell the night before, and it’s packed with rice, naan, curries and fruits. If you’re in the area, don’t hesitate to ask how you are able to bring the deed forward.

Credits: @pray4lillian on Instagram

Address: 591 Sandringham Rd, Auckland 1025, New Zealand

Opening Hours: 11.30AM-9.30PM daily



Home to the glowworm caves and close to Lake Rotorua, most travellers would make a stop in Hamilton while in New Zealand. And while you’re here, why not try cooking yourself a meal? There are halal butchers and even a halal kitchen you can use.

3. Te Kuiti Superette

Head over to halal butcher Te Kuiti Superette, and grab yourself some steak. There’s never a bad time for steak right? The butcher serves various cuts of the meat; beef tenderloin, fillet, rib steak, sirloin steak, T-Bone steak and rump steak.

Credits: Sakkra Palboon on Flickr

The most popular is the sirloin steak. Make sure you grab a slice or two of that! Usually halal butchers will sell basic pantry necessities such as salt, pepper, rice, herbs and all the other kitchen essentials too.

Address: 205 Rora St, Te Kuiti

Contact: 07-878 8333 (Brother Shan)

4. Islamic Centre Kitchen Open

In Hamilton they have a halal shared kitchen for travellers (or backpackers), to use! Located in the Islamic Centre, this shared kitchen is open to all.

Credits: James on Flickr

At the Islamic Centre Kitchen Open, Muslim travellers are encouraged to come here and try their hand at cooking. With a fresh cut of meat, simply place it on the pan or grill (whichever is available), season it with salt and pepper, a hint of rosemary, and bam you’re done! Simple restaurant quality steak all ready for you. You might even be able to brag to your mum you’re finally able to cook. ?

Address: Markaz-e-Jaitoon, 70 Taupiri St (Ground Floor), Te Kuiti

Contact: 07-878 8333 (Brother Shan)


If you’ve managed to find yourself in Rotorua, well done! Home to majestic natural wonders like geysers, lakes and waterfalls, Rotorua is one of New Zealand’s most beautiful places! ?

5. Capers Epicurean

One of the highly recommended eateries in Rotorua is the Capers Epicurean. Declared New Zealand’s Café of the Year in 2017, this is a place not to be missed.

Credits: Capers Epicurean, Rotorua on Facebook

Well known for their deserts, head down to the Epicurean to grab a slice of cake and a cup of coffee! They serve a wide range of cakes; from their savoury carrot cakes to their sweet white chocolate eclairs.

#HHWT Tip: Alcohol is served on premises, so do consume food at own discretion. Certain cakes may contain alcohol, just ask the staff which one doesn’t and you’re good to go!

Credits: Capers Epicurean, Rotorua on Facebook

Capers cater to a wide range of diets, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and even halal! Head in and let the staff know about your dietary requirement and the chef will inform you on what options are available for you.

Capers also focuses on local produce which are committed to fair trade and sustainable practices. “We want to offer products that are both good for your body and soul and for the planet.” Now that’s a café I don’t mind spending my money on.

Address: 1181 Eruera St Rotorua, New Zealand 3010

Opening Hours: 7AM – 9PM daily

Contact: +64 7348 8818



6. Garuda Truck

While in Wellington, you will have to drop by and visit this food truck! Named the Garuda Truck, it’s run by…. Yup, you guessed it - Indonesians! (The Garuda was a pretty big hint).

Credits: Garuda Truck on Facebook

It has been creating quite a buzz in the community. The Indonesian dishes served are a hit with both the locals and travellers alike! One of their more popular dishes is their humble mee goreng. Imagine having your favourite mamak mee goreng miles and miles away from home! Generously served with chicken, beef or veggies, this mee goreng will keep your tummy happy for hours ?

Credits: Garuda Truck on Facebook

Throngs of people head to this food truck every weekend. Served in special environmentally-friendly takeaway boxes, Garuda Truck takes pride in managing their carbon footprint. The location of the Garuda Truck varies every weekend, sometimes even appearing in three places at once! Head to The Courtyard, where they can be found daily.

#HHWT Tip: Do look for Brother Bee for any queries. Vegetarian/Vegan options are also available!

Credits: Garuda Truck on Facebook

Address: 100 Courtney place, Courtyard Reading Cinema Wellington, New Zealand

Opening Hours: 11AM-8PM daily

Contact: +64 021 441 716


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South Island


Credits: Whale Watch Kaikoura on Facebook

Most travellers will head to Kaikoura, the Northern tip of the South Island, to do some whale or dolphin-watching. Kaikoura is a scenic beach town filled to the brim with marine-life encounters, chill beach walks and seafood!

Credits: Whale Watch Kaikoura on Facebook

7. Kaikoura’s Seafood BBQ

While in Kaikoura one of the best seafood spots must be from a food truck! Named Kaikoura’s Seafood BBQ, this food truck is world-renowned and featured on Lonely Planet.

Credits: @dnwwl on Instagram

They serve the freshest seafood and it’s simply grilled on the spot. With freshness guaranteed, you wouldn’t need a lot of other ingredients to make it delicious.

Credits: @bmwlarry on Instagram

Their best-selling dish has got to be their crayfish! You may opt for either a half or whole crayfish, served on its own or on a bed of rice. Conveniently located along the way to Point Kean Seal Colony, you may choose for a takeaway or devour your food while admiring views of the ocean.

Credits: @itsmarc on Instagram

Disclaimer: Kaikoura only serves seafood and does not use any alcohol in their seafood or fritter mixes but do dine at your own discretion.

Credits: @everythingwasgoood on Instagram

Address: 85 Fyffe Quay, Kaikoura 7300 New Zealand

Contact: +64 27376 2619

Opening Hours: 11AM-7PM daily



8. Mosaic by Simos Deli

While in Christchurch, one of the most recommended restaurants you’ll have to head to is Mosaic by Simos Deli! Being New Zealand’s first authentic Moroccan Restaurant, this place won’t disappoint. Specifically focusing on the “whys” and “whos” of eating, you will need to be prepared to spend a lengthy amount of time here as Mosaic focuses on slow food, not fast food.

Credits: Mosaic by Simo on Facebook

Time has been a sacred commodity that everyone’s been afraid of losing but we’ve all ended up losing them right in front of us, family and friends. Being able to connect with family and friends while having good conversations over yummy food, that’s what life is about sometimes!

Credits: Mosaic by Simos on Facebook

Well-known for their huge tapas platters, some customers come in to eat that as an entire meal! You can choose from a wide selection, such as marinated olives, garlic king prawns with lemon and harissa and even grilled sumac lamb kofta! The entire establishment has been certified halal, so fret not and enjoy your Andalusian food adventure.

Credits: Mosaic by Simos on Facebook

Address: 3/300 Lincoln Road Addington Christchurch, New Zealand 8024

Opening Hours: 10AM-9PM daily

Contact: +64 3338 2882



9. Potpourri Vegetarian Café

While in Dunedin, head to the quaint Potpourri Vegetarian Café. Well-loved amongst both green and meat-eating locals, Potpourri is definitely a place to go to try new flavours. This café has such a homely feel, everyone is bound to spend quite some time in here. And they serve affordable vegetarian eats that are not only healthy, but most importantly, appetising!

Credits: Potpurri Vegetarian Cafe on Facebook

They serve various sweet treats, most famous being their date scone! Drop by for a scone and turmeric latte if you’re feeling fancy, or opt for a savoury Haloumi and onion burger.

Credits: Potpurri Vegetarian Cafe on Facebook

Other than burgers, they serve pizzas, calzones, lasagnes and pretty much everything else you can think of at $10 or less!

Credits: Potpurri Vegetarian Cafe on Facebook

Disclaimer: Potpourri is not halal-certified or Muslim-owned but they do sell purely vegetarian items, so we suggest to dine at your discretion! ?

Address: 97 Stuart St, Dunedin 9016, New Zealand

Opening Hours: 8AM-3.30PM daily

Contact: +64 3477 9983



Credits: Erik’s fish and chips  on Facebook

Everyone’s favourite place to head to, if you’re into crazy adrenaline spikes that is! Queenstown has so much to offer. Other than their countless thrill-seeking activities and picturesque mountain views, Queenstown is also a great food spot.

10. Erik’s Fish and Chips

If you’re visiting only one place in Queenstown, it HAS to be Erik’s fish and chips! It’s just a whole different experience eating fresh fish by the lake overlooking the mountains. Served from a humble food truck, the food here is amazing.

Credits: Erik’s fish and chips on Facebook

The servings here are huge and you can easily share the meal, unless you’re really starving! The fish and chips will include either a fresh hoki, cod or dory fillet and a scoop of chunky fries. The meat products served here are halal too! Get the chicken tenders or fried hotdogs if you’re not feeling fishy.

Credits: Erik’s fish and chips on Facebook

Disclaimer: Erik Fish and Chips is not halal-certified or Muslim-owned but they serve halal meat. Do dine at your own discretion!

#HHWT Tip: While in Queenstown, contact Brother Nadeem at 021 105 1523. He will be glad to assist Muslims in Queenstown. ?

Credits: Erik’s fish and chips on Facebook

Address: 13 Earl St Queenstown, New Zealand 9300

Opening Hours: 12PM-9PM

Contact: +64 3441 3474


After going to all these good halal food places, the only thing you’ll regret is how you’re unable to bring all of it back home, 'cause you sure are going to miss it! So, make sure you munch to your heart’s content while you’re in New Zealand and have the trip of a lifetime! ?