10 Types Of People You’ll Most Probably Meet During Ramadan


Amira Rahmat •  May 28, 2018

[Updated 7 April 2021]

Fasting requires perseverance and Ramadan is a month of reflection and positive change. But it is also during this month that we meet some people who behave differently. Here’s our pick of the 10 types of people you will meet in the month of Ramadan. But don't take it seriously though - as we can probably relate to one of these personalities in one way or another ?

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1. The "hangry" one

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Hands up if you've been guilty of this before ?‍♀️ Yes, we've all been through this before - when we're so tired and hungry that sometimes, we start getting short with the people around us.

It's probably the most common type of people we'll meet during Ramadan, including ourselves! But Alhamdulillah, we can totally expect a change of mood when the azan calls for us to break fast. And since Ramadan is all about tolerance and patience, let's all try to be a bit more patient, shall we? ?

2. The ones in "hibernation"

The ones in hibernation acquire a special approach to survive Ramadan, avoiding all sorts of social activities during the day and retreat at home. The main excuse given is: “I am fasting.” Some report to have not seen sunlight for one entire month (we're totally kidding ?), though they go about with their normal activities at night after iftar. But of course, sleeping the whole day while you're fasting is not encouraged as we're supposed to carry on our usual activities and try our best to stay productive.

3. The Ramadan calculator

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Literally the walking Ramadan iPhone app. You need no calendar either with these people, as they are too accurate with their times and dates and keep updating everybody of countdown till Eid or the time for iftar. So, if you need to know the time for buka, you should definitely ask them ? A typical conversation with them will go like this:

“How long more till it’s Maghrib?”

“1 hour, 37 minutes, and 10 seconds bro.”

4. The social media junkie

You know it’s Ramadan when all your friends are tweeting and posting stories at 5 in the morning. Move aside Facebook statuses, now there’s a plethora of other platforms from Facebook stories, Instagram stories, Twitter, TikTok, so you never miss an update from your friends!

Be prepared to find out what your pals had for sahur, the entire iftar menu that they had, which mosque they went to for terawih, and which Ramadan bazaar to find them. While it's nice to have these social media junkies to remind us that we're not in this alone, do remember that Ramadan should also be a time where we spend less time on social media and more on devoting ourselves to Allah ?

5. The glutton

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This one has an infinite amount of space in their stomach and eats everything in sight right before Subuh, as well as the moment it is time to break fast. Talk about having food coma every day ? You'll also probably see this group of people buying a lot of food at Ramadan bazaars just before breaking fast. While it's a blessing to have all the good food around us which we should be thankful for, just remember that everything has to be in moderation as we won't want to encourage wastage during this holy month.

6. The inspirational one

The holy month of Ramadan is the best time to do some serious reflection upon ourselves and figure out rooms of improvement to be a better Muslim than before. This person makes it a point to create Ramadan to-do lists to work on and sticks to them faithfully. Sticking to your goals during Ramadan can be hard to do, but if you constantly think about the end in mind, it will eventually be easier InsyaAllah ?

7. The pun-lover

We all know one pun-lover in our life and when Ramadan rolls around, it's no different! It's a fun way to inject some fun and sharing it between friends and family help to make time go by a lot quicker.

8. The workaholic

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This rare breed somehow manage to plan their days for success, the moment they wake up for sahur. They have the energy to prepare sahur, go to their daily routine of work, clean the house, cook iftar for everyone, goes to the mosque and repeat. This is definitely who we should all aspire to be ? Respect!

9. The Netflix fasters

These are the ones who are known to be spending their fasting days with Netflix and the likes of TV shows. The back-to-back series are captivating enough to engross these Netflix fasters from their rumbling tummies until it’s time for iftar. Yes, we admit it too - Netflix automatically loads the next episode of your favourite drama so that makes a perfect excuse to keep watching ? But as you're watching Netflix, don't forget to fulfill your religious obligations too. Set aside a time everyday to read the Quran or do extra prayers.

P.S. Want to know more how you can do more good this Ramadan? Check out our list of things you're encouraged to do during this holy month.

10. The "diet" planner

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We've all been there before - "Oh, it's Ramadan, let's try to lose some weight. I'll watch what I eat this year"? You'd probably start off fine in the first few days, drinking smoothies for sahur and eating light for iftar but after a few days, you find that it's too hard and start going back on your normal routine.

Don't get us wrong though, trying to lose weight during Ramadan is a great effort and we should all try to do it if we can. But of course, we have to understand that our body acts differently during Ramadan before we actually start on a diet plan, and starting a clean diet straight away might also not be the best way to start off your Ramadan. But what we can do is to eat everything in moderation and take care of ourselves ? Kudos to those of you who are still keeping a healthy diet this Ramadan!

So, that's the 10 types of people you'll meet during Ramadan. We're pretty sure you can relate to at least one of them! But no matter who we meet this Ramadan, just remember to exercise patience and treat everyone with kindness. May we all be better Muslims this Ramadan ❤️