Get Your Surf, Skate And Snowboard On At Trifecta In Singapore


Qistina Roslan •  Oct 26, 2023

Have you always wanted to try out surfing? Maybe skiing, even? Well, Trifecta may be the next attraction on your list as it brings the thrills of surfing, snowboarding and skating all under one roof. Trifecta is a surfing, snowboarding and skating park that's all-in-one and it's opening on 28 October 202 with a launch festival that lasts until 19 November 2023!


There are 2 types of sessions you can opt for: Classes or Open Sessions! The main difference between them is the availability of a certified instructor to guide you. However, if it is your first time at Trifecta, you are required to sign up for a compulsory Arena Intro class for safety purposes.

Ticket pricing

Trifecta operates on 3 types of tickets: Single Pass, Credit Pack and Season Pass. Their pricing is separated into Standard and Off-peak prices. Off-peak timings are:

  • Weekdays:10AM - 5PM
  • Sundays: after 7PM

Public holidays are not included in the off-peak timings.

Single passes are one-off single sessions where you just have to choose your sport preference and type of session (Open or Classes) for you to try out Trifecta! If you're an avid skier or surfer, or would like to take classes for any of the three sports, you can take up Credit Packs. They range from 20 to 300 credits, where the 100 and 300 credits are transferrable to up to 5 people. So if you have friends that you ski, skate or surf with, you can opt for that! Each session/class ranges from 2 to 6 credits so they will last you for quite a while.

The last is Season Pass, which are broken up into tiers: Black, Bronze, Silver and Gold. All tiers will give you access to all 3 sports' open sessions. Black is the cheapest with 1 off-peak session per day for $650/month. Gold is the most expensive with 3 sessions (Standard and Off-peak) per day for $1,500 per month. If you're looking for a Snow only season pass, they have that too! It's great for those who want to train continuously or just enjoy the sport immensely.

If you're worried about not having the experience to enjoy the activities, they offer classes for first-timers that you can take up!


Trifecta boasts the largest standing wave pool by Citywave in Southeast Asia with a whopping 9.34m depth and 11 powerful jets that gives you endless wave to get your surf on. The wave height varies from 0.9m to 1.5m which is perfect for beginners and seasoned surfers. The large open faces of the waves make it a perfect surfing spot without dealing with environmental factors such as wind and weather. You can do some great ocean-style tricks in the comfort of the shade of Trifecta. No need to burn your skin off whilst catching waves!


One of the biggest draw of Trifecta, you can now experience the joys of snowboarding in the hot, tropical climate. These slopes are not just flat but have a 3D element to it, simulating an actual ski slope. If you have your own equipment, you can also bring them down and use them on the Trifecta slopes. The slopes are split into two types: an Endless Ski Simulator or the Freestyle Park.

The Endless Ski Simulator is a perfect place to train for a ski trip or to try out a new sport! You can also rent out their line of new boards and skis if you intend on buying a new piece of equipment.

The Freestyle Park basically features airbag jumps and a jib area where you can land some tricks, or learn said tricks before your trip. If you've always wanted to try out those tricks you've seen online, just head down to Trifecta! It's a great place to try out a new sport before committing to a trip to the mountains.


The skate bowl that's at Trifecta is no ordinary one as it is a hybrid skate bowl with an integrated surfskate wave ramp. It was designed by a renowned Bali skatepark designer who made Pretty Poison backyard pool and Kuta Skate Park, to list a few. This is a free skatebowl that is available to the public in the middle of the city (not including classes)! There are a ton of features of the skatebowl that both skateboard and surfskate users are able to use it. Both beginners and advanced skilled skaters are able to use it!

Other facilities

In addition to the three sport venues, there is also a Trifecta shop where you can purchase equipment for the three sports. Butter, is also a cafe that is situated right in Trifecta. It's a collaboration cafe with Two Men Bagel House that will serve up pancakes, bagels and grain bowls. We are not able to verify the halal status of the eatery. We advise you to eat at your own discretion.

Admission: Starts from $60. Check out their website here for more details!

Opening hours: Mon-Sun (7AM - 12AM)

Address: 10A Exeter Road (Right beside the Somerset Skate Park and Somerset MRT Station)